Are you looking for glow in the dark fabric and not fabric that has to be painted with glow in the dark paint? The amount of products that are created with this glowing technology are amazing. People can buy cell phones that glow. You can get eyeglasses, beachballs, bike tires and lipstick that has this effect. Another really unique product is glow fabric.

Glowing Textiles As Innovative Technology

Glow in the dark fabrics are an innovative technology that has revolutionized the textile industry. Garment makers now have even more materials to choose from. Of course, conservative clothing designers might not get into using this fabric, but it could change the face of rock concert apparel forever. Stage lighting could become a thing of the past with this cool product.

What Goes Into Making This Material?

Even though there are many techniques for making this product, good material will contain glow in the dark thread or yarn rather than paint or dust. Such fabrics are durable, non-toxic, and relatively safe. They are also flexible and accommodate an array of designs that serve various purposes. During their production, textile professionals use photo luminescent pigments that remain active even if people wash or iron them. Pretty neat, huh?

What Makes This Stuff  Glow?

To make a fabric glow in the dark, people just need to expose it to light. Typically, the lighting effect of the glow depends on how long they expose it to the light. For better results, exposure to either indoor light or sunshine should last for at least 20 to 30 minutes. The material will absorb an optimal amount of light and then reflect it until it runs out of "charge".

Different Ways Glow In The Dark Fabrics Are Used

1. Safety Garments That Refect Light

Glowing fabrics act as protective apparel, especially to early morning or late-night joggers and bikers. Instead of using uncomfortable reflector jackets that have been around for decades, they can buy cotton blended with reflective yarn and use it to make comfortable clothing. As the material glows in the dark, it will enhance their visibility from a distance and protect them from accidents and other undesirable consequences. Campers can integrate the technology on their camping materials to enhance their safety.

2. Home Decorating The Unique Way

In addition to designing security apparel, people can also use glow in the dark fabrics to decorate their homes. This is particularly the case for those who want to improve their living quarters under a limited budget. For example, homeowners can magically transform their living rooms using glow in the dark curtains. They can buy exquisite designs, colors, and patterns or highlight various themes that complement their home decor. Furthermore, they can also make awesome glowing furniture covers, bed sheets and blankets. I think a shower curtain made from this material would be awesome. Imagine wearing a trenchcoat in this fabric; instant attention!

3.  Attention-Getting Party Costumes

Glow in the dark fabrics are great for making super-cool party costumes. Party-goers can design t-shirts, jumpsuits, and even spooktacular dresses that set them apart from other people during nighttime parties. With such costumes, those who crave attention will get heads turning during lively events. Glowing costumes are also an ideal choice during the Halloween season.  People can easily create printed skeletons or skulls and other Halloween-friendly glow costumes such as Jack-O-Lanterns and spider web capes.

4.  Use Glow Products To Promote Your Business

Business owners can create effective marketing campaigns using glowing fabric. For instance, they can create appealing flag and or banner campaigns and highlight their logos and other marketing punch lines using glowing materials. As a result, their tools will market their businesses during the day, and light up during the night to attract more traffic.

Even though people can use glow in the dark fabrics for many different things, they should  make sure that they use the best-quality material if they want to achieve the best lighting effects. Some fabrics in this category are better than others. This product is really fun and innovative. If you know how to sew, the possibilites are endless.

The World Of UV Glow Fabric Is Really Cool!