Scared At Night

A lot of people at one point or another went camping and told scary stories around the fire, but why should you be scared at a campfire when you can experience all the creepiness for yourself? There are many places which people believe are haunted and a few of them will allow you to spend the night. The question is, are you ready to brave the haunted sleep-overs? Can you be sure that every sound in the night has an easy explanation? Here are some of the best places to spend the night… if you dare.

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a retired vessel that now functions as a hotel in Long Beach, California. Some people believe the ship is one of the most haunted hotels in the world and some of the people who stay in it report sightings of spirits from another world. The reason people feel the ship houses ghosts is that it has seen many deaths. During the Second World War it transported not only the wealthy travelers, but also wounded soldiers and stow-a-ways. There were 49 deaths in the ship, but the vessel itself also contributed to 300 others when it hit a companion ship.

One of the ghosts that haunts the ship is John Henry who was a worker on the ship, who was not old enough to work hired so he reportedly lied about his age. When a fire happened close to engine room 13 he got crushed trying to escape and died. People still hear knocks and see unexplained lights around the place where young Mr. Henry died. Another one of the spirits is the one of a little girl who died of a broken neck by the pool and she is next to two women who died in the same area. Paranormal researchers claim that the girl is still looking for her mom and her doll. In the kitchen the screams of a cook are sometimes heard; soldiers who did not appreciate his cooking burnt him alive. 

Aokigahara – The Suicide Forest

If you were to camp at a forest, you may want to avoid doing so at Aokigahara in Japan. The forest is close to Mt. Fuji and it people associate it with the demons of Japanese mythology. Mythology however is not a reason to avoid spending the night at the forest. The problem is the place itself. Aokigahara has become the place where people go to commit suicide. Each year close to a hundred people take their lives here. It is not uncommon to run into authorities looking for a corpse, but that was not true all the time; for a while the people who took their lives here would simply rot away. There is a chance that you may find human bones scattered through the forest.

To discourage people from taking their own lives the Japanese authorities have posted signs that say things like “Life is Precious” or “Is She Worth it?” on the park. If you get lost here a compass may not help you because there is a high content of volcanic rock which makes compasses inaccurate to say the least.

Aokigahara forest in Japan

Chillingham Castle

If you are heading to the UK for your ghostly travels then make sure to stay at Chillingham Castle in the UK. The castle looks like a great place to stay for the regular tourist, but its history is something that most people would rather not know. The castle was a line of defense during the times of Edward I, and the Scottish invasion. The captured traitors were either hung or decapitated and their enemies placed their heads around the castle as a warning to other would-be traitors.

The dungeon was the site where many got thrown and left to die after falling 20 feet. If you were to look through the bars you may get a glimpse of a girl who looks right back at you. John Sage was the torturer at Chillingham castle and you can see his tools in the torture chamber where some believe he still remains waiting for the next victim.

The Myrtles Plantation

This small bed & breakfast in Louisiana has been the site of a lot of paranormal investigation. The building was once a family home and it has many tales of murder and torture. The most known story is that of Chloe, a slave whose ear got chopped off after she eavesdropped. Chloe then took revenge on the plantation owners by poisoning dessert, but the revenge was short-lived as Chloe was hung right in the Myrtles Plantation courtyard.

Some claim to have captured Chloe’s ghost on film and the picture is still on the Myrtles Plantation website. Ghost researchers have claimed that there are up to 12 ghosts in this bed and breakfast. It is also believed that one of the mirrors also holds some of the spirits in the house. Just remember, if there are really 12 ghosts in this quiet bed & breakfast, then one of them could be sharing the room with you.

Lizzie Borden B&B

He Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast may look quiet now, but in the summer of 1892 it was the place where Abby Borden and Andrew Borden died by murder. This was not poisoning or a bullet shot to the head to each one of them. Their daughter Lizzie Borden killed them both with an axe. Her mom’s body was left in the guest room while her father Andrew was on the couch downstairs.

The lights will flicker at the house and some of the staff members claim to have heard conversations in empty rooms of the house. The doors will slam open or shut without anyone being near them, and the beds will show signs that someone has been in them when the room has remained empty. Some of the people who have spent the night at Lizzie Borden’s house have also reported that you can hear the cries of a woman at night.

If you are ready to say that you do not believe in ghosts, then maybe a night at one of these places can change your mind. 

Fear of the dark