Crest White Strips

In today's society, a bright and beautiful smile is a very enchanting physical characteristic to possess, but with numerous habits (smoking) and drinks (coffee) that can stain teeth, it can be very challenging to maintain your enamel's natural glow. There are many teeth whitening kits on the market today, both professional and otherwise, but Crest White Strips work extremely well for the price at which they are offered.

Crest White Strips - The Pros

1) Cost. A basic package of Crest White Strips only costs $25. That is extremely inexpensive when you compare it to the numerous other tooth whitening services, including professional services which can cost hundreds of dollars. Even if Crest White Strips only slightly whiten your teeth, isn't the low price of $25 worth giving the product a try?

2) Effectiveness. One box of Crest White Strips is all you should need to sufficiently brighten your smile. Many people will agree that $25 is well worth the elimination of the embarrassing yellow stains on their teeth. For severely stained teeth, Crest promotes that two boxes of White Strips may be necessary to see desired results with the tooth whitener; however, this is still a fairly low cost of $50 and well worth the investment. Many individuals only use Crest White Strips on an annual basis. $25 dollars per year for the maintenance of a charming smile seems like nothing!

3) Convenience. A large advantage that Crest White Strips hold over professional services is the convenience of their use. You apply Crest White Strips for 30 minutes, twice daily. The best part is that while you are reading, watching a movie, or talking on the phone, you can also be whitening your teeth! Conversely, if you were to set up an appointment for professional teeth whitening services you would not only need to find a time that worked for your schedule, you would also have to spend time getting to the facilities, waiting to be seen, and setting up consecutive appointments for follow through with the treatment. Using tooth whitener at home is not only much more convenient, it is also much more comfortable.

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Crest White Strips - The Cons

1) Time requirements. Though convenience plays a large role in which product you will choose from the plethora of teeth whitening kits available on the market today, the time requirement of 30 minutes, twice daily (60 minutes total), can be hard for some individuals to adhere to. Nonetheless, the time requirements of Crest White Strips are minimal when compared to professional services which require you to schedule at least one appointment. Anyone who wants to whiten their teeth must be willing to dedicate at least some time to the process, and 60 minutes per day is about as small as that time commitment will ever get.

2) Tooth tenderness. Tenderness can be a side effect of using Crest White Strips, though the amount of tooth sensitivity experienced varies greatly from person to person. Despite the possibility of sensitivity developing, it is definitely worth trying the product at least once (even if you don't use it fully you'll only be out $25) in order to determine if Crest White Strips are right for you.

3) Program length. Again, a complaint by those who lack the amount of time necessary to adhere to a teeth whitening plan is the program's length. Some of the Crest White Strips products have teeth whitening plans that last for 20 days. Finding an hour each day can be difficult, but again, that hour can be spent reading, watching TV, sending emails, or completing any number of other activities. For true whitening of your smile, time must be sacrificed. The results provided by Crest White Strips are well worth the time invested.

The Final Impression

Overall, Crest White Strips receive rave reviews and it is simple to see why - they work! Not only do Crest White Strips work, they work extremely well for the amount of time and money necessary to acquire and use them. If you are currently unsatisfied with the brightness of your smile, definitely consider purchasing a pack of Crest White Strips. Not only will they brighten your smile, they will also greatly boost your confidence.