Crest Whitestrips Come In Several Different Strengths To Whiten Your Teeth

There are several different strengths of Crest Whitestrips available to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. I purchased the Crest 3D Whitestrips Vivid. The box came with 15 whitening treatments. Each individually wrapped package contained two whitening strips; one for my upper teeth and one for my lower teeth. According to the box, these strips are safe for our tooth enamel, and should not cause any damage to our teeth. However, it is not unusual for some users to experience some sensitivity while using these strips. After all, you are applying a strip of bleach to your teeth, only not as strong as what your dentist might use. I have not experienced any sensitivity when using these strips, and I do use them as directed on the box. This was a relief to me, as I do have a history of sensitive teeth. Allow me to explain.

About four years ago, in my quest to brighten my smile, upon the recommendation of my dentist, I decided to try the Zoom whitening treatment. Because I'm a big baby, one of the first questions that I asked, was whether or not it would hurt. I was told that there would be no pain, and that I would sit under a special light for a few minutes while my teeth were whitened. They told me that the "goal" was up to seven light sessions, each one lasting just a couple of minutes. I shrugged, and got ready for my treatment. My first light session went fine; I felt nothing out of the ordinary and the dentist asked me if I was doing okay. I thought nothing of this, considering that dentists usually check on you just to make sure that you're okay in between procedures. My second Zoon treatment went okay too, although I could swear I felt a slight bit of burning in my gums during the last couple of seconds of being under the light. I told the dentist this, and was told that it was my imagination because my gums were protected from the light. The third session came along, and about two minutes into it, I felt the most excruciating pain in my four front bottom teeth that I have ever felt in my life. It felt like you lit them on fire- it was hot and stabbing, and so sudden! I instinctively moved away from the light and called for help. I motioned that I needed the bleach out of my mouth immediately, as it was still burning me. The dentist came in and helped remove the bleach, while I prepared to swish my mouth out with water. A hygienist came in and gave me some fluoride to "soothe" me. It was just as painful as the bleach! I was told that I had "sensitive teeth" and vowed to never bleach my teeth again.

So, What Are The Instructions For Crest Whitestrips? How Long Do I Leave Them On My Teeth?

Back to the Crest Whitestrips- after the painful memory that I had of bleaching and the remains of any enamel damage that I might already have from the Zoom, I was super sensitive to any pain with the Crest Whitestrips and I'm glad to say that I didn't experience any. I simply followed the instructions on the box, and had no problems. The instructions for Crest Whitestrips (Vivid) is to apply the strips to both top and bottom teeth carefully, and leave in place for 30 minutes. Be prepared; you will probably wind up drooling all over yourself while you are waiting. That's okay, just have a towel handy and make sure that you're not around anyone that you need to impress. If you have never used Crest Whitestrips before, be careful when you remove them from the protective backing; they are almost more of a gel than a solid strip and will easily fold over itself and not be able to be unfolded. Apply them carefully, and take care to not move your mouth.

Crest Whitestrips will not work on any unnatural teeth. It will not work on any caps, crowns or veneers. Whitestrips only work on your natural teeth, so keep this in mind before you use them. If you are looking to purchase a box, you can find Crest Whitestrips in Walgreens, Osco Drug and other stores that sell health and beauty aids. Use these strips once a day for a week or two, and before you know it, you'll have a dazzling, whiter smile that will help you look more youthful.

The only complaint that I have about these strips, is when you stop using them your teeth will begin to lose their brightness. When I stop using these, it usually takes between two and four weeks before I need to start using them again. I'm not sure if I have the patience or the discipline to use these every day all year long, but when I do use them, my teeth do look great.

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