Cricut Cartridges


Tons of shapes, designs, and themes to choose from
Lots of high quality images
Very very simple to use: Just plug it in and print the shape you want


Buying cartridges can get expensive
Can't import your own custom designs and fonts

Full Review

An innovative step forward in paper crafting and scrapbooking design, Cricut has rapidly become every scrapbooker's best friend. Cricut is the most excellent machine and most helpful to have around which does not require a computer to get it working whether you are making a scrapbook of a vacation getaway with your kids, or you are doing a scrapbook about your high school life. Because it cuts shapes, letters, and other figures for your scrapbook project, it is the small ideal machine for the job.

The different, original Cricut cartridges which tell which kind of shapes, letters, or designs Cricut can cut out for you is the secret to why the Cricut Expression machine has become such a hit. Cricut cartridges fall into different classifications which include:

⠀ ¢ Font cartridges
⠀ ¢ Shape cartridges
⠀ ¢ Licensed cartridges which are comprised of various cartoon characters and famous toy characters which children would totally enjoy
⠀ ¢ Classmate cartridges are composed of different shapes, letters, and other figures that are school-related or are generally about school
⠀ ¢ Solutions cartridges which come with different themes including sports, street signs, seasons, occasions, and others for general design solutions

You can design your scrapbooks or journals, or other creative projects using words and letters or different symbols provided by Cricut font cartridges which are composed of varied font styles created by different artists. Cricut shape cartridges can highlight your scrapbooking project or other projects by concentrating on various shapes and how they can be cut to create excellent and original projects such as photo frames, organizers, and bedroom signs. Cricut licensed cartridges come from different companies such as Disney or Sesame Street who gave Provo Craft the license to release these cartridges to Cricut designs using shapes, characters, and patterns set by these original brands.

Cricut cartridges come in packs of one cartridge. The whole collection can be yours and you may buy as many as you wish. Each Cricut cartridge has its own purpose and the patterns can only be found in a Cricut cartridge. Each cartridge is packed with an instruction manual, also known as a handbook, which includes directions for using the Cricut machine, cartridge installation, and sample projects or designs which you can use with the Cricut cartridge you purchased.

Various cartridges are available for you but what we love about the Cricut cartridges is that you can make any basic design using shapes, letters, or figures into your own mix of designs, or a combination of different characters to create your own masterpiece and you just used the basics. Take two different figures and you can use Cricut to combine them into a design which the machine can cut out. With Cricut, you can tailor-fit your designs or put together elements of the project, and learning to use Cricut is easy once you learn the basics.

With just a single cheap Cricut cartridge, a dozen different designs can be made. But does one cartridge cut it, when there are more than 80 cartridges with original patterns and characters you can use? Make journals and scrapbooks come alive with different Disney or Sesame Street Cricut cartridges. Your kids can have fun by giving you a hand sorting the different shapes out and placing them on the scrapbook nice and neatly. Your family can have a fun, new way to spend time by scrapbooking. All of you can enjoy working on little projects that you don't need to exhaust a lot of energy on because Cricut can do the cutting. Just put the pieces together and you are done.

In Closing

The Cricut cartridges really have everything your basic scrapbooker would ever need to make all the handmade scrapbook embellishments they could dream of. They are so easy to use, so simple to print, and they come with tons of material on each and every cartridge. The only way so far that you can use your own images and designs is with some third party software called "sure cuts a lot." It is Macintosh and Windows compatible and it allows you to import any font, any shape, anything you can imagine and print it on your Cricut Cutting Machine. It really unlocks your Cricut's inner creative potential.

We love our Cricut cartridges, and when you get a lot you might want to consider getting a Jukebox so you can use up to six at a time.

Above all else though, remember the #1 rule of scrapbooking and arts and crafts: Have Fun!