The Cricut ExpressionAll models of the Cricut cutting machine function in the same basic way. Essentially they are variations on the same design and have the same, ingenious function at their heart. However, the Cricut Expression holds many advantages over it's counterparts. The Expression is designed to be the best that it can possibly be and has pushed the Cricut design to the very limits of its functionality, usability and versatility.

Differences Between The Original Cricut And The Cricut Expression

The most noticeable difference between the Cricut Expression and other Cricut machines is its increased size. Whilst it is true that size isn't everything, in this case it gives the machine a big advantage. The Expression is able to cut much larger designs than any other Cricut machine, up to 23 and a half inches in total. This offers crafters a chance to create larger designs that they ever thought possible, useful for banner designs and displays.

Of course, with increased size goes increased weight. At approximately thirteen pounds the Expression is almost the weight of the original Cricut. This makes the machine much harder to transport, but then what can you expect from such a large, heavy duty machine? Consider the Expression to be the big daddy of Cricut machines. It's well worth making room on your craft table or desk for it.

Special Features Of The ExpressionSome Sample Cartridges

As well as being larger, the Expression also has several new special functions, designed to make it even easier and more effective to use. For example, the Expression offers a function that instructs the machine to find the center of the material being cut and center the blade over it. This is especially useful when creating borders and frames, something that was overlooked by earlier models of Provo Craft cutters.

As you would expect, this newer, larger, more intelligent Cricut machine also carries a higher price tag than previous models. The Expression can be bought at various stores and websites, allowing you to shop around for that all-important bargain. In any case, buying an Expression will be an investment and a great advantage to your crafting projects. With some savvy searching it's possible to secure a cheap Cricut Expression and cheap Cricut cartridges!

What Are The Similarities?

We've identified the core differences between the Expression and its counterparts, now lets take a look at some of their shared strengths. The Expression uses the same cartridges as other Provo Craft cutters. This is good news if you are considering upgrading your existing Cricut to a new Expression, as your collection of Cricut cartridges will still be usable. The cartridge system is one of the greatest strengths of the Cricut design and you can go on collecting cartridges to build upon your design options. The Expression is also sold with its own cartridge giving you even more design options. Blades are also standardized, so you'll be able to buy replacements in the usual place.

The Cricut Expression is the most advanced Cricut machine to date. Put simply, it is bigger, more versatile and offers more creativity than ever before. It really is the big daddy of Cricut machines, and is on the cutting edge of electronic cutter design.