Cricut Expression Review


Very versatile
Easy to use
Intuitive interface
Highly customizable
No computer required
So much fun!


A little on the Expensive side
Does not let you design your own original art work
Bigger than the original

Full Review

The Cricut Expression is bigger than the original Cricut cutting machine and is thus ideally stationed either in a media room or on your work table. Many users say it is a bigger and better version of the original because it carries several improvements on the Cricut machine's functionality. First, it allows you to create intricate patterns as small as 0.25' or large-scale artwork up to 23.5' big. The fact that it is more versatile and includes a wider range of creative features has indeed made the Expression more popular than its predecessor.

Exactly what are the creative features of the Expression and what can you do with it that you cannot do with the original machine? The functionality of this machine allows you to cut through vinyl, cardstock and vellum, aside from the usual paper. And as previously mentioned it gives you the freedom to cut either very small designs or artworks on a grander scale. It also provides more room for creativity because it is effective on either a 12' x 24' or 12' x 12' sized paper.

Furthermore, the special features of the Cricut Expression allows you to create your designs in either portrait or landscape mode and it even lets you mix and match images in a single cut. It also features an LCD screen that shows you exactly how your next design appears before you actually cut it. The Expression also employs various units of measurement and lets you change the unit of measurement for each image. In addition, it has a flip feature that creates mirror images for your designs and uses four different languages that you can choose from.

The mix and match feature of the machine lets you use all of your cartridges in one cut but an even better news is that it uses the exact same cartridges, blades and blade housings as the original Cricut machine. This feature makes it very convenient for those who wish to upgrade from the original machine to the Expression but do not want the hassle of buying a new set of cartridges and blades. Indeed, this new machine provides wider options for the needs of consumers. Here are some tips to help you find the best deals for the new Cricut Expression.

A lot of buyers search for Cricut products in online auction sites. For this reason, most of those who want to sell their Cricut products have also turned to online auctions. These sites are therefore the best places to find good deals on any Cricut products since it allows you to get these products at a lot less than what regular retailers offer. If you do decide to bid for a Cricut product online, you would do well to look for those that are nearing the end of the auction period. In this way you have a better chance of winning the bid and you will not have to wait too long after bidding before the product is shipped to you.

Always read the product description thoroughly before making a bid because there are sellers that include a few freebies with the machine itself. In case a free cartridge is offered, read the description of the cartridge as well so that you are sure to bid only on those items that include a cartridge that you do not yet own. Make sure never to overlook any information on shipping as well. Some items will have a lower bid price but for which you will have to pay shipping charges. You will need to compare the total costs of the different offerings in the auction because items that do not offer free shipping often incur a higher total cost than those that have a higher asking price but include free shipping. The shipping information is indicated right below the auction price and if you will be charged for shipping then there should be a space where you can enter your zip code. As soon as you provide your zip code you will be given the cost of shipping and you can get the total cost involved simply by adding the shipping charge to the maximum amount that you are willing to bid on the item.

In Closing

Provo Craft has really knocked it out of the park with this product. If you want a highly powerful and very useful die cutting machine then the Cricut Expression is the machine for you. There is a whole world of possibilities out there for making tons of designs, decorations, and scrapbooks. If you love paper crafting and plan on taking your projects to the next level then we really recommend this big guy. You can actually end up saving money in the long run, both on time and on materials. Since you can use every single scrap of paper to the full, nothing goes to waste, and everything happens lickety split. Of course, you'd have to use it an awful lot to make it pay for itself quickly, but if you love crafts then that probably won't be a problem for you!

We don't like how big the Expressions machine is though. It's a little hard to move around and take with you if you plan on going to scrap booking parties and such. The Cricut Personal Cutting Machine and Cricut Create are much smaller and more mobile, they even come with cute tote bags that are just adorable. We also don't like how you are limited when printing designs and fonts to only what is on the Cricut cartridges. It can get pretty expensive if you keep having to buy a new cartridge each time you want to do a new different projects. That is where the amazing Sure Cuts A Lot cricut software comes in though, so we can't really complain too much.

For easy scrapbooking, push button die cutting, super fast crafts and projects that you can do with the whole family, the Cricut Expression is the machine... or bug... for you!