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If you are in the market to purchase a Cricut Expressions die-cutting and scrapbooking machine, it can be a big decision to spend that kind of money. If you're anything like me, you want to know a little more about the purchase you are about to make and having a review from someone who owns one is invaluable. Since I know how that feels, I have decided to give a review on how I feel about my Cricut Expressions machine so that it might make you feel better about your decision!

I was so excited to get my Cricut Expressions die-cutting machine because I could finally make all of my Cricut scrapbooking dreams a reality! It took some work getting started, I would highly recommend watching the instructional DVD that comes with your Cricut machine. Once I had all of the settings figured out and had made a cheat sheet of all of the settings, I was ready to go!

The first project I undertook was to do some Cricut card making. If you only have the Cricut cartridges that are included with your new machine, you will be pretty limited in what you can do. The Cricut Potpourri Basket cartridge that comes with most new Cricut Expressions machines has a lot of images and gives you the most versatility of any single cartridge. It wasn't long before I had churned out 5 completely different cards and was extremely pleased with my finished product!

Once I had the hang of this machine, I went shopping for some new Cricut cartridges. There are so many out there that I had a hard time choosing, but a couple of my favorites are the Sweet Treats cartridge, the Once Upon A Princess cartridge and the Create A Critter cartridge. These were perfect for my needs which included making cards, invitations and thank-you notes. One of the greatest features of the Sweet Treats cartridge is that it actually has a setting where you can cut out cards in the shape of different "Sweet Treats" such as cupcakes, ice cream and birthday cake! You can also cut out fancy cupcake papers for some very fancy treats!

I haven't had a whole lot of time to get into doing my Cricut scrapbooking as scrapbooking has taken a backseat to taking care of a 6 month old baby and also trying to find a job, but I can just imagine all of the wonderful die-cutting to come!

Ebay is a great place to get Cricut cartridges for really cheap and most of them are still new and in the box! It's also a great place to get replacement parts for your Cricut Expressions machine like replacement blades and additional tools that you may need. Once you really get going on your Cricut you will eventually need to replace your cutting mat as the "stickiness" wears off after so much use and you can get those there too! So go ahead and feel confident in purchasing a Cricut Expressions die-cutting and scrapbooking machine!

In Closing

All in all, I am very glad that I bought my Cricut Expressions and I would like to high-five Provo Craft on this wonderful product. If your very creative and like making beautiful cards and other paper crafts, then I say get one!!