When you have scored your very own Cricut machine deal, the plan is clearly not to run out of ideas. You will get tons of creative ideas to use for your scrapbooking project when you use Cricut. Cut out designs for other projects besides scrapbooks using your Cricut machine. For obsessed paper crafters and scrapbookers, you will be happy to know that, while using your favorite fonts and shape cartridges, and some pieces of paper, there are many designs you can play with using your Cricut machine.

You just need to follow a few simple steps in order to design your scrapbook. First off, you will need a reason for creating a scrapbook, the basic idea for the whole project. For instance, you would like to make a scrapbook documenting your most enjoyable trip to Disneyland with your family and the kids took pictures a lot. A lot of pictures would be really simple task to put together into your scrapbook. Decide on the font you'll be using, the shapes to decorate the pages with, and other accessories or other a scrapbooking embellishment you need to put in place which will make the scrapbook more attractive for the one browsing at it.

On many different occasions, various scrapbook designs can be used. Common ideas used to make scrapbooks would be your child's school life or your own, using the school themed Cricut Expression and cartridges. Seasonal occasions like Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Saint Patrick's Day, Independence Day, and many others, can be used as themes to create your own scrapbooks out of. Your scrapbook themes could also be about your own occasions like wedding anniversaries, your son's graduation from college, Grandpa's retirement, baby showers, and many other small events in your life that will never happen again. It is best to make scrapbooks to see the pictures whenever you want to, and also to keep those memories intact but in an innovative and pleasant manner.

Most children can be artistic, and many daughters who are creative in keeping notebooks and journals would just love it if you personalized their notebooks or journals using Cricut cartridges. Create notebooks by using old notebooks and replacing the cover using your own Cricut designs on paper. Put a cover title on their notebooks or journals which can be their embossed name or whatever words or phrases they want to put, using different colored craft papers so that it brings out style and uniqueness to each of your projects. Have your daughters help by letting them use the Cricut machine to design shapes and letters, and not have to worry about getting one of your daughter's fingers cut using the scissors. Cricut is not only creative but safe for your kids as well.

Some parents love decorating their rooms and if you are one, you can do projects using your Cricut machine, too. Create door hangers, photo frames, and even design your kids' bedroom walls. Improve a blank wall in a flash by making a collage of photos, and adding Cricut shapes and embellishments, and mounting that onto the wall. You can splash color into the rooms by putting accents to windows or wallpaper, or white walls inside the house using Cricut cut-outs.

The most important tip in every Cricut project would be just to enjoy doing the various projects as you get better at them and in time, this will bring out more ideas. Provo Craft is starting to add more and more delightful new Cricut fonts and shapes cartridges, as well as other Cricut accessories which can heighten using your Cricut machine and help you develop more ideas.