CrimeCrime wears many faces it may be the teenager snatching a womans purse or the career criminal planning a kidnapping, It may be the youth who steals a car for a joyride or the car theft ring that takes it for later sale. It may be the professional criminal who profits from organized gambling, extortion, or narcotic traffic, or the politicians who takes a bribe. Crime may be commited by the professional person who cheats on tax returns, the businessperson who secretly agrees to fix prices, the burglar who ransacks homes while the owners are at work, or the terrorist who acts under the claim of a greater cause.

Crime has been a major problem in the United States. Preventing crime is not an easy task.Many people do not realize that crime victims are also victims of human rights violations. For example; people have a human right to ownership of their own property. Theft crimes violate this right. People also have a right to protection of their personal security. Violent crimes such as murder, rape, and assault violate this human right.

Crime rates are influenced by many factors, such as your location, age, and gender. Crime rates seem to be higher in urban areas than in suburban areas. Crime is not confined to any particular group, but between people the ages of 15 and 24 commit more violent crimes than any other group. Male crimes commit almost four times as many crimes as females, but the rate for female offenses has increased in recent years.

One way in which crime affects us all is that it costs everyone money. Although authorities agree that crime is a major problem, much disagreement exists over the causes of crime and what can be done about it. Among the reason suggested for the high crime rate in the United States are poverty, permissive courts, unemployment, lack of education, abuse of alcohol and drugs, inadequate police protection, rising population, lack of parental guidance, a break down in morals, an ineffective correctional system, little chance of being caught or punished, and the influence of television and films, this lack of agreement indicates that the causes of crime are many and complex. Many communities have embraced the idea of community policing,. This strategy builds closer connections between police and the communities they serve. Police officers who have more direct contact with residents in neighborhoods can more effectively participate in community crime prevention activities, understand the nature and extent of local crime problems and gather information about criminal activity.