Crime City is a free app available in the Apple app store. It has proven to be very popular since being released in 2011 and been downloaded well over 1 million times on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) devices.

 I have been playing Crime City for around 2 years now and decided to write this Crime City iOS Review to help others get to grips with the game play, and understand the sometimes complex features a lot quicker than going at it alone.


Crime City iOS Loading ScreenCredit: Taken Myself

The Story behind Crime City places you as a mafia boss as you work your way through missions to earn cash, or rob other players for cash. This is all presented in a 3D world enabling you to move your character around and interact with NPC characters and other real world players.

 Like most multiplayer online games, there are two very different methods of game play, PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player). You can choose to play either or both methods as you work your way through Crime City. I will breakdown the differences below.

PvE (Player vs Environment)

PvE uses up your energy that regenerates at 3 per minute limiting how many times you can perform an action. The actions you can perform are;

  • Robbing NPCs
  • Robbing buildings
  • Completing assigned missions
  • Completing LTQs (Limited Time Quests)

Robbing NPC buildings and characters is the easiest way to earn weapons and cash without any risk or being attacked back.

As you follow the chain of quests your rewards will become better, but in addition will take more energy to perform.

PvP (Player vs Player)

PvP uses up your stamina that regenerates at 1 per 3 minutes limiting the amount of attacks you can perform on other players. The main two actions you can perform are;

  • Robbing another players buildings
  • Robbing another players character

Always try to remember that anyone you attack or rob will have a combat log showing your attacks. If the enemy looks stronger than you and you do not want to be attacked back do not strike first!

If you pick your opponents carefully you can earn cash fast this way, but the higher the risk, the higher the reward. This is a competitive game, don’t be discouraged if you log in to find all your buildings have been robbed, simply aim to do the same back to someone else.

You will only be successful when attacking another player if your attack is higher than their defence. However, you can sometimes successfully rob an enemy building if your attack is at least 50% of their defence value.

Joining a Syndicate

You can create your own syndicate or apply to join an already established syndicate. When part of a syndicate you work as a team with other players to complete SLTQs (Syndicate Limited Time Quests) to earn more powerful weapons that you would doing solo quests.

Obviously, as part a syndicate more participation is required from a greater number of players requiring the syndicate leader to organise and rally their members to work together. This adds a new social side of the game and enables you to make some friends and share advice in game via the chat function.

Becoming Stronger than your Enemies

As you progress through Crime City the main objective is to gain strength and be able to defeat others.

You do this by collecting melee weapons, guns, vehicles and bombs. Every item has a defence and attack value assigned to it, gaining more powerful items as you go along increases your overall attack and defence values.

Your overall attack value needs to be greater than your opponents defence value to win a battle and vice versa.

Increasing your Mafia Size

You can have a maximum of 500 extra mafia members in your mob, each mafia member carrying an extra weapon of each type.

To gain more mafia members you need to add a friends referral code via the options menu, or have a friend add your code. When the opposing person accepts the request you both gain each other as mafia members within your mobs.

Building up your Hood

‘Cash is King’ as they say. You will need as much cash as possible in Crime City and one of the best sources of income is collecting from your buildings periodically.

You are given a plot of land that you can expand and build on. Select a building from the options menu and look at how much it costs to build and how often it produces income. You will need to pop online at those time intervals to collect the income before an enemy robs you.

Crime City iOS HoodCredit: taken myself

Over time as you build up your hood with more buildings you will increase your hourly income and start to have a profitable economy to fund all those weapon purchases you will be making!


This is a fairly detailed introduction to Crime City iOS for beginners and intermediate players.

If you have never played this game before but like the sound of it I recommend you give it a try. As mentioned earlier the app is free to download from the app store although there are in game purchases available, however the free to play players can succeed just as well with a little extra hard work.

If you already play Crime City and have any questions, advice or want to discuss anything I have mentioned in this article feel free to leave a comment below.