Criminal investigation is a dangerous task, requiring patience, analytical skills and attention to detail.


Criminal investigators and special agents have always had a special place not only in the community at large but also within the hearts and minds of our young generation. The reason being is that if you ask any child in their elementary years or even up to high school, they will always answer you with a yes if they have pictured themselves even once in their lifetime of being an investigator, detective, or special agent. The reason behind this is simple. Most kids want to help out in their community and “rounding up the bad guys” has always been on the top ten of childhood fantasies. But fantasies will not be enough become part of this noble profession because there are a lot of factors to consider before one can even be considered as a potential candidate for a Criminal investigators and special agents position. Once you already have what it takes to become of these people you need to know the job description, the employment overview, and the general tasks of Criminal investigators and special agents during one of their routine jobs. So basically, this is far from being just another job out there because this profession requires a lot of skills, much knowledge, and the right attitude for the job to get done quick, clean, and hassle free. These people are the best at what they do and since they are the best, they also get a hefty salary, which is also one of the motivating factors for some people.

Why this profession?

People who are seriously considering this profession will need to prepare because being an investigator or a special agent is classified as Job Zone 4 which means that certain preparations are needed in order to even get a shot a getting the job. A job that falls under this category will need to meet certain criteria and first of these criteria would be overall experience. Usually, a person will need to have 2 to 4 years of work experience which is related to the profession. This would basically mean you policemen and similar authorities. Education is the second criterion and this job needs a four-year degree course in order to be qualified. Third would be job training and working as a cop or anything similar will already be considered as training. But vocational training also increases your chances of being qualified as well like taking supplementary courses that will be of use in the field.

First thing one needs to know when deciding to take this career path is the outlook that this profession has, not only for the present but most especially for the future. There are several things to consider and one of the first things would be the job opportunities that this profession will be able to offer you. Like most other jobs, being an investigator or special agent will be most rewarding for those qualified individuals when they apply for the job locally. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in their own locality. Any other locality will do so long as the job is open. Small towns and cities already get a few applications for this kind of job in a year so there is a high likelihood that one can be easily hired if one is capable enough to fill in the position. If the person is aspiring to be more than just another local investigator then he/she would have to go to the national scene. But as one would expect the national arena is very competitive and not be tolerant to hollow ambition without any competence to back it up with. Only the best of the best get hired for an national position like in Federal agencies or the  State so this is usually a career plan chosen by people who have already served a couple of years as a seasoned veteran in the profession or if you are a really talented rookie. Either way, it’s not going to be an easy road to get to that point in one’s career.

Once the person gets the job either locally or in the national scene, he/she can already begin to build a life around that profession and look towards the future. For this particular profession, the future is pretty much bright and clear so long as you stick to the path. The reason being is that ultimate factor that decides the needs for criminal investigators and special agents and other people in authority is the number of people in a given area. If the number of people residing in an area increases then there will also be a higher number of people to police and the government must meet these demands otherwise the balance will be tipped and mayhem will ensue in that area. So in essence, the more people who live in the town or city you want to get employed in is directly proportional to the percentage of you being hired for the job.

This is not playtime

Once the person already gets the job, he/she will have certain tasks and duties to be performed that are exclusive for Criminal investigators and special agents. First of many would be determining the timing, direction, and scope of the investigations that they will be conducting. In this aspect, you can consider them as conductors of an opera. Another aspect of being an investigator would be having you own network of information that will be feeding you data regarding the case that you are working on. These people are commonly known as informants and they are one of the most important things to have as an investigator. Having acute senses is also a must for an investigator. You’ll need to obtain, collect, prepare, analyse, and draw conclusions from the evidence, information, and testimonies that you have. This is the most important part of the job. Criminal investigators and special agents usually have their own system in solving their cases and the more effective your system is, the more cases you will be able to solve.