Criminal Justice Associate Degree Online as a Career


Have you considered criminal justice associate degree as a career path? Do you know that you can earn this degree online? The basic curriculum for this degree is not that much different from more traditional on the ground classes. The content is very similar. For example you would take courses in history, political science, logic, sociology, and more specialized courses such as profile studies and fingerprinting. The content of the two curricula are similar; the method of transmitting the courses is radically different.

In a traditional program you would go to specific buildings on specific campuses in specific states. You would operate in physical space and time. The online classes, on the other hand, would operate in asynchronous time and cyberspace. The advantage of online structures is that one is not restricted by space and time; all one needs is a laptop and with this a student or instructor could travel the world and still teach classes online. The instructor could be in California and teach students in China. The instructor could then travel to Rhode Island and continue teaching the same class online. All the instructor would need is a laptop. On the monitor of the laptop, the entire curriculum for the course taught is organized and presented in sequence. After the instructor has accessed the relevant course, he/she will enter the digital classroom. It takes shape on the computer screen as a number of sections.

The Structure of the Course: Criminal Justice Associate Degree Online

On the left column is the entire outline of the course. The whole curriculum is there, organized weekly. This section contains directions to the student on how to proceed. It lists reading material, an overview of the course, due dates for work to be submitted, and standards of acceptability indicated in a rubric. At the top of the monitor one would find a section labeled Announcements. Here the grading system will be presented, the rules on late work and makeup work, Incompletes, Help Links on tutoring, the use of the Library, specialized links on APA (American Psychological Association) Alternate scheduling for emergency zones, for example, a tornado in Kansas and policies on plagiarism. Announcement could also be messages that the administration wants to convey to the students on scheduling for the next term.

In the middle screen is Ask the Professor, which includes any student question addressed to the instructor. The student may post questions and the instructor will answer them usually within a 24 hr. period. All students are able to see the question asked the instructor and they are able to offer solutions to the question as well. In the dialogue string, the instructor poses a problem or question and students are free to answer it. The instructor's job is more like that of a facilitator. The instructor presses the student to think of alternative answers, to piggy back on what other students have said, to agree or disagree, to ask questions of their own. At the bottom of the screen is a space for any technical discoveries a student has made that they wish to share with others. Most of these entries have to do with navigation. Navigation of the platform is the key to smooth progress in the course. So, there are essentially two basic learning curves going on at the same time. One is the learning curve of the course content; the other learning curve is the navigation of the platform. Some students who have not had a basic course in keyboarding or the basics of navigation, can fall behind and this is the time to catch this problem early on and to set up tutoring sessions for the student.

To the far left of the screen you will see a section called the Lounge. Here students can meet informally on their breaks and share whatever they want while having some virtual coffee. This section of participation is not graded. Many students bond with one another and become supportive in future courses.

The Formation of Projects and Teams: Criminal Justice Associate Degree Online

In industry progressively more workers are forming project groups and they will tackle a given problem as teams. So the project method is incorporated into most online curricula. In this respect, the online teaching degree is not that much different from Criminal Justice Associate Degree Online, nor from the
Bachelor degree online psychology. They all use the project method.

It is vitally important for the student to understand the rules on plagiarism. They need to be able to recognize different types of plagiarism and to know how to correct it if it is found. With the advent of, plagiarism can be spotted very easily. This is equallly important whether one is speaking of English composition or bachelor degree online psychology. This system will scan texts for similarities and provide a hard copy of the similarities. It will also give a graph showing those similarities and the percentage of identical usage. Low levels of overlap are often tolerated and the instructor must remember that some overlap may occur because the student does not have a good grasp of documentation. If this is the case, it may be productive to have the student take a tutorial in APA documentation. Finally, there are tutorials on navigation, on library usage, on course standards and the rules of online instruction. The student does not need permission to take these online workshops and tutorials. They are there to support the student. Given this, the program provides a support system that is largely dependent on the student taking responsibility for what he knows and does not know. Once a student recognizes a problem in organization, content or grammar, they are free to take the corresponding tutorial. For example, they may see that they are writing subject/verb disagreement sentences and there are tutorials that cover this.They should take advantage of the system.