The following is a list of resources and areas that contain criminology personal statement examples.

By reading good past examples of criminology application statements along with their comments and annotations, this will then provide you with a better understanding of what actually constitutes an excellent criminology personal statement. 

 Note: Be sure not to copy any of the phrases from the examples, as this is plagiarism - instead if you like a line and what it is getting at, rephrase it and modify it to your own Criminology personal statement.

The Student Room

Head over to an online forum called 'the student room', then look on the tabs along the top, and click 'Personal Statements', go down to the bottom and find the section entitled personal statement library - then look under 'C' for Criminology Personal statements, follow this link.

Then, you should be presented with a list of criminology personal statements that you can analyse, some are provided with comments on how that particular one could be improved etc.

I would also take a look at the guide for writing a 'Psychology Personal Statement' and writing a 'Law Personal Statement' also, which can be modified to your criminology personal statement.

Also be sure to check out my own articles - Criminology Personal Statement Tips and How to do a Good Criminology Personal Statement(Please note that these are my own opinions and shouldn't be interpreted as law. But hopefully they will be somewhat informative.)


To access the criminology personal statements here, you can simply go to the search bar at the top of the website, with the term "Criminology Personal Statement" and you will find numerous criminology personal statement examples.

You will also find that many of them will be joint with other subjects such as sociology, psychology and law. So it might be worth your time looking at these types of personal statements also, due to the overlapping concepts that lie between the fields.

Also, if you click on 'Applying to University', then 'Personal Statements' - there are is more general advice on how to write a personal statement, such as 'how to get more words on the page', but be sure to check out the 'top rated personal statements' although not related to your subject. You can analyse their structure and writing style that could be incorporated into your criminology personal statement.

Search Engines

The two sites above are the only real (well known) directories of personal statements, to find more Criminology personal statements you are going to have to manually search for them. For example a quick Google Search of "criminology personal statements examples", has led me to come across several PDF files, that contain examples of Criminology Personal Statements.

The only real issue is that you have to go around looking for criminology personal statements by clicking around, but there are a good few out there.


There are books out there such as 'Succeeding in Your Application to University - How to Prepare the Perfect UCAS personal statement'(containing 98 Personal Statement Examples) and '40 Successful Personal Statemnets: For UCAS Application' - which contain personal statements surrounding sociology, psychology and law - if you want it specifically for Criminology personal statements, be sure to check them out in the book store.

However, these books can be extremely useful as they offer insightful and detailed comments, you can apply these ideas and then know yourself (due to educating yourself) what will make a good criminology personal statement, they also contain other useful tips to making your UCAS application successful.