Crinkle Paper

Crinkle Paper for Making Fancy Gift Baskets

Crinkle paper is perfect for decorating gift baskets or stuffing the bottom and center of gift boxes in order to make your present seem even more fantastic. Crinkle paper looks like thin strips of accordian paper - it has a number of small folds spaced equidistantly up and down the strip. If you hold a piece of crinkle paper together between your fingers and then release, it will spring to life and seem to leap. You can make your own crinkle paper at home with enough patience, or you can opt to buy it at the store so as to save yourself time when you're trying to decorate many different gifts quickly and efficiently. You can usually find multi-colored bags of this fun paper and use it to spruce up any holiday or birthday present you are wrapping. Crinkle paper is not only effective aesthetically, in making your gift baskets and boxes more appealing to look at, but it also serves an important purpose for fragile gifts that are placed into the center of boxes. Say, for example, you are giving your close friend a delicate glass statue. You certainly don't want to place it in bubble-wrap or something else gaudy because it will mar the overall appearance of your delicate gift. Meanwhile, you can't leave the glass statue entirely unsecured in the box because it will inevitably rock against one side and shatter. Therefore, you can lay down a generous bedding of soft shock-absorbing crinkle paper to ensure your glass statue will not only stay unbroken and secure in your gift box but also be looking fabulous by the time your friend opens their present.

Other Fun Ideas for Crinkle Paper

Crinkle paper isn't only great for packaging. There a number of other fun uses for this frizzy paper product. For one thing, crinkle paper works great for certain costume ideas. You can glue a lot of crinkle paper onto a cap or wig to add fun and wild highlights. If you're attending a costume party as anything resembling a monster or alien, you can make a great monster fur by constantly draping and attaching copious amounts of crinkle paper to your costume.

If you're trying to decorate an area or room for a school dance, play or other event, you can use crinkle paper to varied effect. If your setting calls for lots of grass, sprinkle green crinkle paper all around the stage and secure it with pieces of clear tape that can't be seen by the audience. If you want to make a waterfall that actors and visitors can easily walk through, string together many different shades of blue crinkle paper and drape them down from the top of a doorway for a fun and interactive waterfall that won't make a mess!

If you want to make stars or other celestial bodies, you can use shapes cut out of construction paper and attach colorful tails of crinkle paper to make a streaking or beaming effect that will round out your production nicely.