Without a doubt, these two titans are the standouts in the current game, having outshone all others with their record breaking achievements. It is a testament to both players that when their respective clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona lock horns, the pre-game build up often centres on the battle of Ronaldo vs Messi. They have both won FIFA’s Ballon d'Or (albeit Messi has three times), scored in a Champions League Final as well as bagging breathtaking amounts of goals in the past few seasons. Here are a few categories which aim to try and find an answer to the question.

Goalscoring Feats

Both Messi and Ronaldo excel in the goal scoring charts, which is what continues to set them apart from the competition and gives reason to call them the two best players in football at this moment in time. Messi netted an incredible 73 goals in his 60 games overall last season, enough to break Gerd Müller’s record of 67 from back in 1973. He also broke the 57-year-old club milestone by becoming Barcelona’s leading all time scorer despite only being 25. Over at Real Madrid, Ronaldo wasn’t far behind having finished his season with 60 goals in 55 games. In doing so, he also became the fastest player to reach 100 goals having done so in 92 matches since his £80 million pound move from Manchester United. Suffice to say, the two are on similar out-of-this-world levels when it comes to putting the ball in the back of the net.

Team Play

It is this category that Messi supporters will argue is what sets their man apart from in the debate of Ronaldo vs Messi. Messi is seen as the humble man who plays for his team whilst Ronaldo’s image is much more egocentric, portrayed as often sulking if things don’t go his way. Ronaldo’s assist total of 15 for the 2011/2012 season is a decent tally, but when compared to Messi’s incredible 28 it seems very ordinary. 

Lionel Messi
Credit: www.theoffside.com

Individual Skillsets

Messi is a fluid and beautiful dribbler, his quickness of feet and ability to turn on a right angle makes him second to none at beating his man. His skill, technique and vision combined make him such a threat to the opposition. For me, there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than when he embarks on a trademark mazy dribble, mesmerizing defenders whilst the ball appears glued to his foot.

In contrast, Ronaldo has a much more physical and rampaging effect. Despite being an excellent dribbler with an expansive array of impressive tricks, Ronaldo usually has to rely on blistering pace to beat a man as oppose to Messi natural dribbling ability. Ronaldo’s physical presence makes him a threat from set pieces and crosses, unlike the diminutive Argentinean. His unique freekick style that creates great swerve on the ball is one of his great assets.

Ronaldo freekick
Credit: www.ronaldo7.net

Ronaldo vs Messi âÿFDÿFD The Result

Given so little between them, one’s own opinion is always going to be the deciding factor on this great debate. Even though my heart wants me to pick Ronaldo due to being a Manchester United fan, Messi would be my choice of the two. With so little between them, it is Messi’s consistency in the big games that puts him marginally ahead of the Portuguese striker in the battle of Ronaldo vs Messi. If you want to be more like Messi or Ronaldo then why not purchase the same boots as them!