The task of providing regular quality content for various publications has become very important such that the use of a freelance writer is almost inevitable for many publishers irrespective of the medium of publication. Hence, there is an increased demand for article writers who can help the owners or editors of such publications to meet their writing and editorial needs. Often times, the expectations of these employers are not met, they end up being disappointed either with the attitude to work that freelancers present or the quality of work that is delivered to them. In order to avoid this situation, it is very important to always consider some very important factors before hiring an article writer. These factors include -:


It is very important that you do not just take what a prospective freelance writing candidate tells you. They should be able to back up their claims with proofs and results. As an employer or a payer for a writing service, try to ascertain whether the candidate can deliver the kind of quality of work that you are looking for. You may also want to find out if they have the requisite expertise for the kind of work (E.g. Blog posts, web content, product reviews, press release, news stories, etc) that you want to hire them for. One simple way of doing this is by requesting for links or references to previously published works and sometimes requesting them to do a paid sample job.

Turn-Around Time

Many writing jobs are usually time bound such that the article must be submitted in good time for the editor to check before it is approved for publication. When a write-up is not submitted at the right time, it can create a difficult situation for the publishers. Hence, it is always good to hire a freelance writer that is committed to the given deadlines, someone who can even deliver their job before the deadline so that corrections can be made in good time if such need arises. One method by which this can be verified is by checking up any reviews the candidate may have had or testimonials from previous clients if any. In situations where there are no reviews or testimonials, you may want to sign an agreement stating some form of penalties if the writer defaults on the given deadlines.


The ability of the freelancer to communicate effectively must also be assessed. Often times, new developments may occur that the person doing the writing needs to know about; or you may just want to monitor the progress of work. If the article writer is incommunicado, it may create some problems. There are various ways by which freelance writers can communicate with their clients, but it is advised that they both agree on one method that is easier and cheaper for all of them. This will cut down the business costs tremendously.