critter control

Picture this, your garden is looking its best, and your vegetables are almost ready to harvest, then the next morning comes and it looks like an all night critter buffet.

Critter control, can be done by professionals, with sprays and all kinds of concoctions that you may not want in your garden. But if you could deter the critters yourself, then this will save you money, and be safe for the environment as well.

For critter control, you just need to fight the battle on their level. Think like the critters, such as deer, raccoons, rabbits, cats and more. (Yes cats, they love to dig in soft turned soil to do their business, which is not good for the plants). You want to play with their senses, and make them feel uncomfortable in your yard at night. They think they have the place to themselves in the wee hours, but if you try a few of these tips, this may just send them on their merry way!

So, here is a way to load your arsenal with critter control weapons, and hopefully win the battle of the midnight buffet in your back yard.


If deer or rabbits are your problem, then try humanizing your yard. Take some stockings (preferably old ones) and put used bars of soap in them and hang them around your garden area where the deer tend to graze on your vegetables!. They can't stand the smell of humans, and this will put them off and they will try somewhere else.

For Rabbits, Take some of your hair from your brush, or brush your dog and use their hair and put it around your vegetable garden. This will not bother the garden at all, but will put off the rabbits. You may need to change this up every couple of weeks or so, and put some fresh hair out. So get into the habit of brushing your dog now and build up your weapon arsenal for critter control.

Even Raccoons, don't like dog hair. So, if you have a dog, or your neighbor has a dog, get bunches of dog hair and this can be great critter control. Just remember to refresh it every couple of weeks.

Get a plastic Owl for critter control

Get one of those plastic owls, or create your own or some kind of fake large predator bird. Place this in your garden, almost like a scare crow. But make sure and move it around, or they will catch on pretty fast. Make a point of moving it and turning it each night. This even puts off rodents!

Wind Chimes For Critter Control

Wind chimes work well around the garden. You can place a few nice sounding wind chimes near the area you are concerned about. As long as you have a bit of a breeze, this will tend to put off most deer, rabbits, foxes, and sometimes raccoons. For raccoons, you could put a set of wind chimes near the garbage, and they may accidentally set them off while exploring. This will scare them and they will run off. The trick is to have wind chimes that will scare off the critters without waking the entire neighborhood!


If you have trouble with cats digging in your yard. Then after you have trimmed your rose bush, take those thorny branches and place a few in the area they have been digging in. Cats tend to go for the same area at night. Their paws are sensitive and they will get put off if they have to dig up soil with thorns around!


Another great backup weapon for your arsenal to deer proof plants. After doing all of the above, also try this. Take some old rags (old white t-shirts work best for this) and soak them in vinegar. Then put a few stakes around your garden and hang these rags like flags and let them dry out on the stakes. Deer cannot stand the smell of vinegar, even dried. So, you could have these around the perimeter of your yard, and some of the other ideas from above, closer to your garden.

You will quickly get to know which ones work the best for you. If you change up a few of these routines that will put them off as well, as many of them get pretty smart and will realize you were fooling them, so move that fake bird around, change the vinegar rags, and try different wind chimes, and bars of soap.

This may seem like a lot of trouble, but if you just get into the habit of one or two of the above tips for critter control, the word will get around that your back yard is not inviting anymore, and they will go and try your neighbors. They prefer not to have to work to hard for their buffet dinner! If you have things in the yard they don't like, then this would be liking playing in traffic, they will find somewhere else and you will have won the battle.. for now!