Entertaining outdoors can be fun but also expensive, by using a outdoor 60 round vinyl table cloth you can dress up the ugliest of tables to look elegant.

When you think elegant outdoor dining, you may not think vinyl will work, but there are many designs that look the part created from vinyl.  We are not talking checkered or striped (unless that is what you want).  We are talking lace "look alikes"

Round tables work well outdoors, and are a great way to create a "restaurant" style party.  You can create small groups of seating and all you need to do to create this is find yourself 60 inch diameter outdoor tables and then cover them in a crochet style or lace style 60 round vinyl table cloth. 

These outdoor cloths are designed to totally resist rain and wind.  Any water runs right off of them60 Round Vinyl Table Cloth and leaves them with a dry surface.  No puddles to mop up.  By using specialized outdoor cloths you can simply find or borrow a few 60 inch diameter outdoor tables and create that instant party look.

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Re-Use it Centers - One great place to source these types of tables, is the re-use center.  Many people simply get rid of their glass and metal tables as they tend to rust after a few seasons left outdoors and the lure of newer and shinier ones means they are getting rid of their old ones.

The local charity shops will sometimes sell used outdoor furniture too, as well as the local dump reuse section.

If you are having a outdoor party, and the budget is tight, then consider simply borrowing them from friends and then covering the round tables with the exact same table cloth to give your party the look of elegance.

Renting round tables and chairs is another great way to make that outdoor party look its best.  Party rentals will often deliver and pickup.  This way all your chairs look the same.  But this can add to your party budget.  it all depends on how much you are willing to spend.  With a bit of creative thinking you can create a elegant backyard party on the cheap.

By using 60 round vinyl table cloths you can set your tables up the day or night before with no worries about them suffering from the dew or overnight showers, simply wipe them clean and you are ready to go.

I have been to many outdoor parties where the host has used fabric, which is really nice indoors, but they are not heavy enough to resist the wind and definitely will not do well in the rain or a damp day.

Vinyl table clothes have come a long way.  Many look just like lace or fabrics, but the best part is that they are much cheaper to purchase and don't blow away. 

So, if you are wanting to host a backyard barbeque this year, and are looking at your round outdoor table that has been out there all winter or that beaten up picnic table, then consider simply brushing it off and covering it with the latest in a great line of outdoor heavier vinyl table cloths and get another season out of them.

You can purchase these at many outdoor and patio shops or garden centers, but you can also shop online to find a huge variety of them.  Shopping on sites such as Amazon and other outdoor stores is a good place to start.

So, if you want to update that rusted metal and glass round table you left sitting out there all winter, then you can either sand and refinish the metal frame, or you can simply cover it up!