In Australia we have to put the thought of blue skies and sunshine behind us as we head through autumn leaves into winter. I know that autumn is a beautiful time of year as the leaves change into their glorious different shades of green, red and browns. Personally I hate winter and perish the thought of it coming.

I can never get my feet and hands warm, well that's my story anyway.Although thinking of winter and the cold weather reminded me that it will soon be time to bring out my crochet and knitting again.There is no better way to keep your hands warm than doing something besides tapping on our dreaded computer keyboard.

That is where the crochet or knitting idea comes in.If you are quick then you still have time to make something special to give for Mother's Day.Children could make one of the simpler garments for their Nanna.

If you look on the internet and type into the Google search bar "Free crochet and knitting Patterns" Google will come up with heaps of different patterns and a variety of things for you to make.You can vary the patterns by using different colors or once you get some simple ideas you could experiment with ideas of your own.

Simple things that children can make




With this in mind parents could look through their cupboards and find all their scrap bits and pieces of crochet cotton, so the kids could make something for Nan.The children could then crochet one of the following with a bit of help from Mum:

·Pot Holder

·Crochet Belt


·Potpourri sachets( these would be great to make Nan's house smell nice

·Small crochet cover to put over sugar bowl (you could even stitch on a few beads like grandma had in her day)



More complicated items for older children




·Knee Blankets

·Hat or scarf


·Jewelry bags







You could always make it even more personal my embroidering the word Mother or Happy Mother's Day on a corner of the article. That is if you have made the garment in a single color.Whatever you make, I am sure she would love something that you had personally made her yourself.Let's face it anyone can go and buy a present.I am sure that this will be more appreciated by her.

Earn Money by making various crocheted toys and things

Now that we have got you started why not make more of these and sell them on eBay or at market and garage sales. You never know what you can do if you don't give it a go.

For links to free crochet and knitting patterns you can read this article for more information.