Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations


The Christmas ornament ideas offered in this article are crocheted decorations that you can add to your tree, give to family and friends for their trees, or use them, instead of ribbons and bows, to decorate your packages. And for long distance friends, tucking one of these handmade ornaments into their Christmas card will bring you into their home for the Holidays.

How about starting a family Christmas tradition with these charming ornaments? Set up a tabletop tree in your entrance hall, and as guests depart, invite them to select one of the crocheted ornaments to take home with them for their tree. Each year, they will look forward to another of your DIY Christmas ornaments. There are several ways to do this. Make only one design each year, and have a tree full of stars, or stockings, or wreaths, or snowflakes, etc. – that way everyone will get a new design each year. Or, make a whole assortment of designs from which your guests can choose their favorite.

Handmade Crocheted Christmas Ornaments

These lovely and delicate looking tree decorations are easy to crochet, inexpensive to make, and anyone receiving one of these homemade Christmas ornaments will be thrilled that you made it for them. Since the ornaments are small, they make a good craft project to keep on hand for when you only have a few minutes of time to spare. Keep a needlecraft bag packed, and near the door, so that when you know you will be having some downtime, like waiting for someone, you can work on your crocheted ornaments. Since the decorations are made using cotton crochet thread, instead of a yarn, they are easy to work on in all seasons. So, go ahead, select a pattern, purchase your crochet thread, and the steel crochet hook called for in the pattern, and you are all set to crochet!

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Shown Below are Some of my Favorite Crocheted Christmas Tree Decorations

Crocheted Christmas StarCredit: Southerngirl09

The Christmas Star symbol, also called the Star of Bethlehem, guided the 3 Wise Men to the Manger where Jesus was born, and to me, represents the great light that came to guide us all.

Crocheted Christmas Wreath(117803)Credit: Southerngirl09

A Christmas Wreath represents the circle of love; it has no beginning and no end.

Crocheted Christmas StockingCredit: Southerngirl09

Christmas Stockings symbolize the sharing and giving of gifts to our loved ones and to those in need.

Crocheted SnowflakeCredit: Southerngirl09

Snowflakes represent purity.

These lovely crocheted Christmas decorations will make a great addition to any tree. The patterns I used for the above ornaments are not mine to share, but there are many free patterns online to replicate them. Another resource for crochet patterns for Christmas decorations is your local library and craft magazines.

Also, be sure to get this book, “100 Snowflakes to Crochet: Make Your Own Snowdrift—to Give or to Keep” written by Caitlin Sainio. There are snowflake patterns in this book for every level of crocheting skills. Plus, instructions on blocking and finishing. This book is a ‘must have’ for anyone who crochets or wants to learn the skill. THINK GIFTS – since this book would make a great gift for the people in your world who love to crochet.

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Ideas for Sharing Your Christmas Ornaments

If you are planning a December wedding, then you might want to consider making some of these Christmas ornaments, and leave one beside each place setting as a wedding favor. Or, use them to decorate a Christmas tree at your reception, and tell your guests to each take an ornament for their tree, as a keepsake of your big day. Then, every year when your family and friends decorate their tree, they will remember your wedding, and think about the two of you.

When my daughter was small, I made ornaments to place on top of her teachers' gifts. I liked doing something special for them, since they were doing so much for my daughter. To protect the ornament, I attached the ornament to red cardboard (with a couple stitches), and placed the cardboard, with the ornament, into a Ziploc bag that I taped to the package. That way the ornament traveled without being damaged.

When attending a holiday party or dinner party, take along one of the crocheted Christmas ornaments as a host gift. Your host will be surprised and appreciative of the thoughtful gift. Just pack them as described above, and they will be easy for you to carry.

More Crocheted Christmas Ornament Ideas

I collect Santas, and I have all kinds and types of Santas – some big and some small. But I do not have a crocheted Santa. So, while looking online to make sure there were a large variety of ornaments to crochet, I found the cutest, most adorable, Santa. Now, I have a new ornament project to place in my take-along needlecraft bag.

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In Closing

You will have fun and take great pride when you make and give these easy crochet Christmas ornaments. And if you don’t know how to crochet, then this is a great time and way to learn. This is also a great mother and daughter craft project that you can do together. I hope you will use, and enjoy, these crocheted Christmas ornament ideas.

These delightful ornaments can also be used throughout your home. Stitch them to towels for the guest bathroom, to a solid color apron you will wear while cooking, or to the corner of some cloth napkins; just use your imagination, and enjoy this craft project.