When reading a crocheting pattern that asks for a single crochet you will see the abbreviation sc. These two letters are one of many little codes that you will need to know to read a crochet pattern. These codes can be really hard to keep track of so a nice thing to keep handy when doing a pattern is a crocheting key/index of all the common stitches. These keys can be found in almost any crocheting book so they are easy to find. Even so it can be hard to understand a pattern filled with these codes. Many people give up on crocheting for this very reason but don't throw your hands up in the air. It isn't as hard as it first seems.
For now though we will talk about the single crochet stitch(sc). When using this stitch to make something you will usually get a thicker and stiffer piece of fabric, of course this also depends on the yarn to. This stitch is great for if you are making a basket, bag or dishcloth. If you are trying to make something soft then you should avoid this stitch unless told otherwise by your pattern.


Getting started

The five things you will need to do this stitch are one crochet hook, yarn, time, and a pair of hands. Once you are sure you have all of these then you can get started.

  • First we will need a base of either chains or some other stitch to do the single crochet.

  • Once you have a base to work with chain one more time. Stick your hook through the stitch or chain before the extra chain that you just made.

  • Grab and pull yarn through the stitch that you had the hook in. Now you should have two loops on your hook. One of them coming from the chain, and the other from being pulled through the stitch.

  • Now that you have these two loops on the hook yarn over and pull the yarn through both loops on the hook leaving only the new loop that you just grabbed.

  • And there you have it. One single crochet stitch. Repeat these instructions all the way down the row. To start the next row chain one, turn the work and start working on the single crochet stitches that you just finished.