The slip-stitch is probably the shortest and smallest crochet stitch that you can make. In fact it probably isn't ideal for you to use only that stitch for a pattern. It is more often used to finish a project or to manually manipulate your work.

  • When starting to learn this stitch you are going to have to make yourself a chain or even better a row of double crochet. It would be easier to see what you have done with double crochet or really any other stitch but you can use a chain as well.

  • Once you have this base of stitches you can get started. Different people have different parts of the chain or stitch that they like to first stick their hook in but for the sake of just doing the slip-stitch it probably doesn't matter. Later when you get more into crocheting you might want to learn the different looks that your crocheting can have when you mess around with this. In the mean time just stick the hook through the chain and make sure you're consistent on what part of the chain/stitch you use.

  • Grab the yarn from the other side of the work and pull it through the chain. You should now have two loops on your hook. Take the loop you just pulled through the chain and slip it through the other loop on the hook. Let the other loop off your hook.

  • Now repeat what you just did in the next chain. Keep this up all the way down the chain. If you managed to get to the other end of the row then you have just made your first row of slip-stitches.

True it won't look like you've done much once you've finished but that is the nature of this stitch. While this stitch doesn't really do much that is where its usefulness comes in. It is a good stitch to finish a project with. Another use for this stitch is that you can use it to sneak around a project when you don't actually want to make a row of crochet that shows too much.


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