Running all of the time can be boring, it may limit ones bodily fitness to particular areas, and any time you do not provide your body enough time to recover, you could get hurt. Cross-training provides a strategy to offer you a change from the regular habit, and increase fitness in areas that running may not do sufficiently. I wanted to share a fitness program that I just recently finished that could also be used to cross train with running.

So, you might be curious exactly why am I writing about p90x anyhow? Well first, I wished to share that I did this plan, I liked it, and had some good benefits from it. Should you be seeking a program to enhance your all-around fitness, you may need to have a look at this program. And, if you're searching to boost your running fitness by using cross-training, you may need to test this program in whole or in part as well.

I recently took a break from running for 3 months while I worked on a popular exercise program known as P90X. I heard a good deal of people talking about the program so I resolved to jump on the proverbial band wagon and give it a attempt. Remember that I am not really suggesting taking a break from your running , but rather I am sharing the rewards of this plan as they are relevant to running.

When you have not heard of p90x, it is an 'extreme' home exercise plan that consists of weight training, aerobic training, and stretching. It is really for individuals in respectable shape, although anybody could possibly do it if they really set their mind to it. I benefited a great deal from the plan, and can definitely tell a distinction in my health and fitness. Though I did not follow the diet part of the system really carefully. The fact is, I did not have the book on the diet plan. I did attempt to make some marginal improvements in my diet though. I truly liked the strength exercise from the plan as well as the stretch training. They call the stretch exercise Yoga-X. Personally, I did not follow the spiritual component of this at the end, and I only suggest the stretching and balance portion of this workout. In addition to these workouts, the p90x system also included plyometric exercise (or jump training), kickboxing, and ab excercises. All of these routines have certain fitness benefits, some of which may actually allow you to run much better. I do plan to continue a number of the parts of the p90x system to assist me with my flexibility, strength, and abs. These are all significant fitness components for runners.

So, maybe you could profit from the p90x program as a whole or possibly you just want to use some of the individual workouts to boost strength and flexibility, which will help you as a runner.