Cross, a maker of quality writing instruments, has been in existence for more than 158 years. With this amazing track record under their belts, Cross has a name that means quality and craftsmanship in their fine writing instruments. One of the products that I particularly admire of theirs is their line of fountain pens. They are as elegant and quality as a person might desire in a fine fountain pen.

Is It Just a Fountain Pen, or a Personal Statement?

Carrying a fine fountain pen can help make an outward statement in your appreciation of quality and beauty. Not only does this add a sign of your inner character on the outside, it also adds an air of unique quality to your style and fashion. The Cross line of fountain pens are engineered with both form and function in mind. Beauty in presentation and quality in practical use are the hallmarks of Cross fountain pens.

To add even more distinctiveness to your fountain pen, Cross also provides personalized engraving to add an intimate touch to you pen.

Why Fountain Pens? Why Not a Ballpoint?

A fine fountain pen from a quality manufacturer like Cross, adds a bit more to your everyday writing. It takes the act of writing, anything from a letter to a bank check, and adds a fluid elegance that is felt in the smooth writing action and in the elegant and organic lines it produces. The weight in your hand is another distinct feature of a Cross fountain pen. It actually feels more substantial and 'weighty' thus offering the writer a balanced sense of comfort while writing.

The replaceable ink refills are another classic feature of Cross fountain pens that make them very practical pieces while allowing for everyday function and use. If you run out of ink, all you have to do is insert a new ink refill cartridge. These are very easy to install and before you know it, your fountain pen is back to beautiful working order.

Where Can I Find Cross Fountain Pens?

  • - This is the company's website and the best resource for all things Cross. There you can view their lineup of fountain pens as well as their other fine writing instruments. Browse around the site for a while. You can even play with the appearance of your fountain pen and customize some aspects to your specific taste. Don't be surprised if you get carried away in the beauty and elegance.
  • Office Supply Stores - Some office supply stores will have a section devoted to fine writing pens. Most are sure to have a selection of Cross pens available for purchase. If they don't have the fountain pen available, they may be able to special order one for you.
  • The Internet - The internet is a great place to find Cross fountain pens for less due to the highly competitive nature of commerce online. You will likely be able to find the Cross fountain pen of your choosing for less than retail with a little browsing online. You may lose some of the customizable aspects of your pen, but you can make up for this in price savings.

I encourage anyone that desires quality and craftsmanship to consider the purchase of a Cross fountain pen. Not only is it a fine writing instrument that will offer you form and function over your lifetime, its quality means it can be a gifted legacy for generations to come. Revive penmanship and make the choice to do so with the quality and precision of a Cross fountain pen. It is a decision that you are very unlikely to regret.