Cross stitch is the art of stitching a picture onto even weave fabric with embroidery floss. Stitchers follow a printed pattern to stitch the design with small crosses stitched into each square on the fabric. Cross stitchers select the embroidery floss by using a floss number and color key that is included with the design pattern.

Things You Will Need

Cross stitch pattern books or leaflets
Cross stitch fabric
Embroidery hoop
Embroidery flosses

Step 1

Look for cross stitch patterns based on the theme you're working on or the age of the person you're making the item for. For instance, patterns run the gamut from small baby animals to nature scenes, nighttime scenes of coyotes standing on a snowy, windswept ridge, holiday designs, quilting designs, Biblical themes, toy themes and nursery rhyme themes.
Choose a pattern and buy any cross stitch needles, embroidery flosses and fabric you need. Include picture frames and a cross stitch hoop if you don't have one of the correct size.

Step 2

Check how much black embroidery floss you have –– you generally backstitch in black, unless your pattern directs you to use another color. Cross stitching or backstitching letters of the alphabet usually require that you use black, again, unless you're told otherwise. If you need more black embroidery floss, buy the quantity you need. If your pattern instructs you to backstitch in another color, make sure you have enogh of this floss color.

Step 3

Make home decor items for young families with small children as well. Remind the young parents that their children grow up too fast; find cross stitch patterns reminding them to play with their children. Some of these come as poems with cross stitch scenes.
Overall, families with children need to use humor to get through to the children as the parents teach them responsibility. Find patterns with humorous saying such as "Please be a sweetie and wipe the seatie," or "The chef is off duty after 7 at night." Make several of these, frame them and give them to friends and family for different occasions.

Step 4

Don't forget about making home decor items –– cross stitch adorns jewelry box tops, jelly jars and chair cushions. Holiday decorations for your house, dining room, bathroom and Christmas tree are plentiful, from secular themes to religious/spiritual themes.
Buy pattern books and supplies to make gift toppers, Christmas tree ornaments and tree skirts. Don't forget about the youngest (and young at heart) members of your family. Make stockings to hang on the mantel so Santa can leave small gifts for everyone in your family.
In addition to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July provide plenty of holiday-theme ideas for you to make home decor items and gifts. these include wall hangings, kitchen and bath towels. Cross stitch as a hobby and an art gives you the opportunity to create eye-catching gifts and home decor items for you, your family and friends. As you become skilled at this craft, you'll find yourself thinking of items you may be able to make for different people, then looking through your stocks of fabric and floss to make sure you have enough on hand to complete the project you have in mind.

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