Crossdressers and transsexuals struggle with a lot of difficulties, but probably quite a bit less annoying as the fight with the facial hair. Shaving your face is actually quite easy, but may lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs, not to mention the inconvenience of noticing a beard shadow after just a few hours.

Despite the fact that there's nothing you can do to prevent your facial hair from growing (besides uncomfortable electrolysis), it will be easy for one cross dresser or transsexual to possess a soft, smooth, and womanly look.

There are seven secrets to getting the smoothest, longest enduring shave attainable:

1. Refrain from shaving first thing upon waking. A lot of individuals wake up with a little bit puffy dermis every morning. You'll get a closer shave when you wait 20-30 minutes for the dermis to firm up, unveiling numerous hair canals.

2. Prepare your dermis. Take a bath or wrap a hot, moist towel all around your face and neck for a few minutes before shaving to soften your facial hair and get into the hair follicles.

3. Frequently exfoliate. Work with a washcloth or an exfoliating scrub on your face to get rid of dead skin cells and raise hair stubs for a more detailed shave.

4. Try a regrowth slowing shaving cream. For a longer lasting shave, begin using a shaving cream, like Aveeno's Positively Smooth Shave Gel, designed to slower hair regrowth. Stay away from shaving products including menthol, as they possibly can dehydrate the dermis.

5. Select a excellent shaver. A very good shave will depend on an ideal shaver. Many cross dressers agree with the fact that the Gillette Sensor Excel is definitely the most significant product for the job.

6. Avoid using a flat razor blade. Do not ever utilize the same razor blade greater than 2 or 3 times since lifeless razors may lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs. In fact, I suggest using a brand new razor blade each time you go en femme.

7. Perform a two step shave. A good pre-femme shave should be done in two steps: firstly, shave in the direction of hair growth. Then lather once more, now shaving your face contrary to the grain for an even finer cut. Don't forget to make use of small, mild strokes to prevent annoyance.