If you don't know what Crossfit is I highly suggest you check it out on Youtube. Crossfit is high-intensity cardio combined with olympic weightlifting and gymnastics. This type of training is used training various types of special forces. If you are looking to start your own Crossfit gym, or looking to start doing workouts in the comfort (well not to comfortable) of your own garage and yard, you are going to need crossfit gym equipment.Getting the full range of crossfit gym equipment can be expensive. I would recommend starting off with the essentials, and gradually purchasing the non-essentials.

The good news is that a lot of crossfit gym equipment can be substitited with things you already own, or things that are in your natural surroundings. For example, for 24 inch box jumps all you need is something 24 inches high to jump up and down onto, or for pull-ups monkey bars at the park will do. Mind you by having crossfit gym equipment at home you are much less likeley to scare people out in public. These workouts are intense.

For the essentials we are going to cover the olympic barbell set, kettlebell sets, 20lb medicine balls or soft medicine balls scaled to your ability, and skipping ropes.

Olympic Barbell Set


The olympic barbell set is one of the if the the most essential pieces of Crossfit gym equipment. It will probably be very hard to duplicate these excersices with things that you already own. The olympic barbell

set is used in Crossfit workouts for things such as deadlifts, power-cleans, ground to over heads, sumo-deadlift-highpulls, push presses, clusters, backsquats, front-squats, and many other movements.

Using an olympic barbell set is one of the best ways to work on increasing your ability to generate power in your Crossfit workouts. Olympic barbell sets will likely set you back anywhere from $750-$1000 new, but this is definatly a piece of equipment that you might want to look for used.

Kettlebell Sets

kettlebellKettlebell sets will give you an opportunity to include a wide range of movement into you workouts. Some of the main movements that kettlebell sets are used for are the American kettlebell swing, the Russian kettlebell swing, and the one armed kettlebell snatch. I personally love working with kettlebell sets because they are a) provide very cardio intensive movements. b) force you to generate a ton of power from your legs. c) are an amazing upperbody workout. d) are WAY more fun than using dumbells.

When it comes to purchasing kettlebell sets there are several ways you can go about doing this. If it is just for you own personal use you could purchase an adjustable kettlebell to save money. If it is for a Crossfit gym you will need to purchase full kettlebell sets, how many sets will obviously depend on the size of your gym.

When purchasing kettlebell sets you will find that they are typically priced between $20-$90 per kettlebell depending on size and how many you purchase.

Many excersices you can do with kettlebell sets can be replaced with dumbells can be duplicated, they do however have a much different feel and you will find that having kettlebell sets will provide you with more options.

20 lb Medicine Balls or Other Sized Soft Medicine Balls to Scale

medIf you have ever done a Crossfit workout I'm sure you know what wall balls are. It is where you you grab one of the 20 lb medicine balls and throw it at an elevated target on the wall. You also have to complete a full squate between each toss. Other things the 20 lb medicine balls are used for include running carrying the 20 lb medicine ball, med-ball slams, all sorts of warm ups that involve tossing a soft medicine ball around to a partner, and they are a great way to measure that you are getting to the bottom of a full squat.

20 lb medicine balls are very versitile for use in your Crossfit workouts. This is an item that I definatly would prefer to buy new. (Since you will be beating the crap out of it) You will find that 20 lb medicine ball are usually prices around $75 to $120.

If a 20 lb medicine ball is to much weight for you make sure you scale back to a soft medicine ball weight that challenge you and allow you to maintain your form.

Skipping Rope

Since skipping ropes are fairly inexpensive compared to other pieces of equipment this is an absolute no-brainer. A skipping rope is an essential piece of crossfit gym equipment because double unders are used in many of the crossfit workouts. A double under is two rotations in one jump, and can be a challenging movement when you first start.

A skipping rope is also a great tool to help you get your blood flowing before you stretch.

Whether you are starting your own garage gym or starting to do you own Crossfit style workouts the olympic barbell set, kettlebell sets, 20lb medicine balls , and skipping rope should definatly get you started. I will be following up with other Crossfit and Crossfit Gym Equipment articles in the near future.