Crow Repellent And Deterrent For Beginners

Crows are a not a very appealing bird. They don’t have all of the beautiful colors that other birds possess such as the blue jay and cardinals. That is, not too mention that they also cause a noisy racket and flock in the tens. Therefore, it is pretty easy to see why many people don’t really care for them. If you have found this article, then you are more than likely looking for some great information regarding crow repellent and control methods. That is, methods or solutions for your crow problem that has grown out of hand.


Well, the first thing that I always do is to stop feeding them. Yep, I always start off with easiest steps. It just makes sense to me. Why go on to more advanced methods when you have not take care of other things first? Anyways, if you have been feeding them then try to stop. If you have been feeding them, then there is probably a valid reason why they won’t leave – its more than likely due to your five star hospitality. If a neighbor is feeding them, then you may want to ask for them to stop politely.


Another way to go about this business is to use ultrasonic crow deterrent. These are the bird repellers that are used to keep them away with ultrasonic sound frequencies. It’s pretty funny how most people think that these sound waves are heard by humans. However, I have found that I – and many others – can’t even hear the slightest sound. Well, I have heard of some people that could just barely hear them, but for the most part the are silent. They have been working great for crows and many other pests from my experiences.


If those crow repellent methods don’t suit your needs, then you should probably try some crow spikes. Well, I haven’t found any of these made especially for that particular bird, but for the most part they are all the same. Anyways, what these things do is help to keep the crows from gathering in the same areas where they just sit and make noise all day. Works great for crows and many other pesky birds. If these repellents and crow deterrent methods aren’t working, then you may want to look at calling a professional. Believe it or not, there are actually are some people out there that specialize in this particular area of crow removal.