What You Need to Pack for a Cruise Vacation

When you go on vacation you are always trying to cover all angles. I will need this, or that in case I want to use this item on vacation. It is a little harder to pack for a cruise, since you will be out at sea some of the time and prices are about 3 times the normal rate. Everyone always packs the basics like clothes, toothbrush and general items like that. This list will be a little more unique, as it will highlight a few things that you might not have thought about packing.

Cruise Packing Checklist: Items To Make Your Cruise More Enjoyable

Rum Runner Cruise Kit – This is a must have for all cruise lines. The Rum Runner Cruise Kit is perfect for smuggling in your own liquor to the ship. Just take the flasks in the kit and fill them with liquor. Then put them throughout your entire checked luggage just in case a bag gets checked and the liquor is confiscated, you will still have some cheap liquor to drink from you other bags. Here are a few more ways you can use for taking alcohol on a cruise.

Power Strip – One of the most used items that people seem to forget about when going on cruise vacation. Each cabin only has a limited number of outlets and more than likely you will need to charge multiple things while in your room.

Walkie Talkies – If you have kids on the ship these can be fun to use, but also very good at keeping in contact with them. Since your cell phones will most likely not work this is a free way to communicate. I have used the Midland 36-Mile 50-Channel Two-Way RadioMidland Walkie Talkie(96294)while on board the ship and in port. It works perfectly.

Duct Tape – Used over and over for anything that needs a good hold. Also you can use it to tape your dresser draws shut in your room in case you are experiencing rough seas and it is slamming them open all night.

Bungee Cord – Fantastic item to have. It lets you keep your balcony door open or you can use it to hang up in the bathroom giving you extra space to hang wet clothes or ironed clothes on hangers.

Cruise Packing Checklist: Essential Items

Over the Counter Drugs – This would be cough syrup, motion sickness pills, Tylenol or anything else that you use regularly.

Hand Sanitizer – This is perfect for when you are in port and are walking around touching unfamiliar items.

Cruise Message Boards Port Info - These will be the best guides of where you should go while in certain ports. Real people that have been there before are telling you where to eat, how to beat long lines and how to handle the local markets. Just find your port and print off some of the responses. This beats buying a guide book.

Water Proof Watch – Another underrated item. You can buy a cheap one of these and wear it or attach it to your backpack, because I wouldn’t plan on bringing your phone anywhere unless you have an international calling plan.

Shoe Rack(96296)Shoe Holder Rack – You can purchase a cheap fabric or plastic one that can easily role up in your suitcase. You then hang it on the door in the bathroom to hold your items or toiletries. This will give you more space on the counter tops.

Febreeze/Air Freshener - The bathrooms are very small and it is best to cover up the smell when you are done using the facilities or else you might have to leave the room for a few minutes.

Night Light – During the middle of the night you are out in the ocean and everything is very dark, so this comes in handy to leave it on in the bathroom to help you find your way if you need to get up for any reason during the night. This will also help you not to trip over items in your room.

Zip Lock Baggies – All sizes are needed, as you will find yourself using them constantly on board. They are especially good for taking extra snacks to save for later out of the buffet or other areas that the ship offers them.

Alarm Clock – Most cabins on the cruise ships don’t have an alarm, so just bring a simple cheap one with you.

Fabric Sheets – Bring these if you use the dresser draws at all. Just think of how many people use these draws to store dirty clothes. If you put a couple in each drawer your clothes will stay fresh on your vacation.

Bottle OpenerBottle Opener – If you are a wine drinker make sure to bring one or else you will be paying an uncorking fee from the ship. These fees can be over $20 sometimes.

Binoculars – Come in handy when cruising the coastline or coming up to port. Maybe you will get lucky and spot some ocean creatures in the distance.

Travel Mugs – Great for having and making your own drinks in to walk around the ship.

Jigger and Small Cocktail Shaker – If you want something more in the martini range then a small travel version is perfect to hit the spot…now where to get the olives.

Flashlight – Small one in case the power goes out on the ship. Pop Up Hamper

Cheap Pop Up Hamper – Hold your dirty clothes in one spot so it is easy to pack when the cruise is over.

Travel Roll of Toilet Paper – This is crucial if you are going into port or on a shore excursion. It will put your mind at ease if you find yourself in a neighborhood with a bathroom that isn’t up to par.

Travel Sewing Kit – In case of a tare or if you need some safety pins.

Water Shoes – Some of the beaches aren’t as clean as the brochures that you see.

Post It Notes/Pens – These are perfect for leaving the cabin steward a message or in case you have a quick idea they you might forget about.

Snorkel Equipment – Some of this will be for rent, but the actual snorkel should be brought since it will be going in your mouth.

Scissors – Just a small par to aid you when something needs to be cut.

These items listed should be on any cruise packing checklist. They can help you more often then you realize. Especially if you need to get these items on board the vessel it will actually cost you an arm and a leg to purchase them or even worse if you are in port. You should be enjoying your time on shore, not searching for items to use while at sea.