Cruise vacations require planning, one of these important planning requirements is to know what type of cabins are available on a cruise ship. The saying "you get what you pay for" is a typical saying the cruise industry. There are a variety of sizes on cruise ships and some cabins can be as big as 5,000 sq ft or as small as 60 sq ft. There are many good and bad points of staying in the cabins and if you choose wisely, you will have a very pleasant cruise vacation. However, if you choose incorrectly, it is very hard to upgrade or change once on board. Here's a comprehensive guide what to look for when reserving a cabin.

First off, there are three types of cabins; suites, outside-view cabin and interior cabins. Suites are the largest and include a living room. Outside view cabins have portholes so that you can view the ocean. Some outside view cabins also have balconies. Interior cabins do not have windows and décor or curtains usually cover where the window would be.

Cruise Vacations - Cabin RoomsHow much are you expected to pay? Your all inclusive cruises package will include a standard size cabin. This question depends on a variety of factors including cabin size, amenities and services. Each line charges according to their ship size, age, construction and profit potential. Note that many cruise lines do not give specific details about the cabin sizes in their brochures and internet ads. You will have to call a specialist to book a specific cabin according to your specs. For your first cruise experience, try to book a cabin that is the highest amount that you can afford. It's always good to have a great first experience and then once you're accustomed to cruising, you can choose something a bit smaller. If the ship is of higher quality, the lower cabins will still be higher quality then choosing a higher quality cabin in a lower quality ship. Sharing is caring and you can save a considerable amount if you want to bunk with three of your friends in one cabin.

Cabins have the same luxuries as a hotel room (besides a lack of space). Most passengers think of their cabin as a place to rest (you will be out and about most of the time anyways). Most large cruise ships have normal size rooms (just like a hotel room) and have larger bathrooms.

As stated above, if it's your first time cruising, try to get the best cabin possible. This means that you should purchase a suite or more likely, a outside cabin. Cabins that are in the middle of the ship are more stable and tend to be less noisy than ships on the outside. If you tend to go to bed early, request a cabin that is far away from the dance room. If you are handicapped or have trouble walking, try to get a room that is closer to the elevator. Cabins that have "obstructed views" are usually close to the engine noise and heat, try to avoid these rooms.

Most cabins provide private bathroom, closet, outlets, alarm clock, two beds, telephone and a chair (depending how big your cabin is). Luxury cabins typically cost $2,000 to $3,500 for a 7-10 day Caribbean cruise, which includes airfare. Luxury cabins have private verandahs, separate lounge areas, vanity area, extra-large double or queen-sized beds, and bathroom with tub, shower, and a large shower. The other extreme, or the cheapest room will cost about $800-$1000 to the same location. Interior rooms do not have a window and have two lower beds, bathroom with a shower and a small closet. Now that you know more about the different types of cabins, what will you choose on your next cruise vacation?