Cruise and Montana are two words that do not seem to go together. Little private happenings come from locals that have lived in a specific area that know where the great adventures are to be enjoyed. This is one of those great finds that I can share with you since I lived in the Flathead Valley in Montana for 30 years.

Arriving at Glacier International Airport in Kalispell, Montana brings you to the core of the great adventure you are going to be told about here. This is not a small, drop in the bucket airport, so the large jets and major airlines all are serviced for your comfort, convenience and safety.

Your choice now can be a hostel, campsite, condo, motel, chalet, cabin, motel or private Bed and Breakfast for lodging. Some of the accommodations have shuttle services, while others leave that up to you to choose your mode of transportation. Rental cars of several well known companies are for hire when you determine if it is an SUV, truck or car that you want to rent. Select the plan before you even leave your home and the vehicle of your choice will be waiting when you arrive at your destination in Kalispell, Montana. Taxi service is available 24 hours a day on demand, by using, in airport telephones to contact them unless arrangements were made prior to your departure from the plane.

Looking into lodging facilities in the town of Kalispell, probably would be a wise choice for the Flathead Cruise. The Cruise ship can be boarded in Woods Bay Marina, which is 7 miles from Bigfork, Montana. That is a smaller town than Kalispell is, so choices are limited if you choose to check out Bigfork lodging.

Sun Runner, Flathead Lake Cruises begin on the east shore of Flathead Lake. Let me tell you more about this lovely lake that you will be cruising on when you seek this watery paradise for your cruise. The Flathead Lake is the largest, natural, fresh water lake west of the Mississippi River. The shores are irregular shaped, so the banks are seen easier by boat than by road. Dimensions of Flathead lake are: 28 miles long and 15 miles wide. In total there are 185 miles of shoreline to explore and enjoy the beauty they offer. The east shore line is dotted with cherry orchards mingled with vacation and full time residents homes. The west shore is largely land filled with wildlife in many forms. Bird watchers bring your binoculars to view osprey, eagles and other seasonal water fowl.

The Sun Runner has seasons of operation which are: Late May to early October, because it is not common for the Lake to freeze over, but it is possible. Reservations are highly recommended if you want this cruise to be a smooth one for you and your guests. I provide a link so you can look and book at your convenience. If you want to contact the Sun Runner by phone, those numbers are: 406-212-7937 or 406- 837-4503.

The cruise ship, the Sun Runner is able to be completely chartered for weddings, personal family reunions or any other ocassion. Catering services are available for hire or you can provide your own food as well as use the onboard barbecue grill to cook up your favorites. Contact ahead to secure your party plans.

Facilities include a public restroom on the cruise ship, life preservers for all customers, seating, tables and coolers. Bottled water is provided to all aboard.

Shore excursions allow for customers to visit, take photography outings and hike numerous islands that lie within the Flathead Lake. Shore to shore shuttles will allow you to choose an hour stay or an entire day activity event. Fishing trips can be arranged for small or large groups, so even the outdoor enthuiast can get their catch from the Flathead Lake waters.

Your experienced Captain Jess has state of the art sonar, marine radio and cell phone equipment for your safety and comfort while aboard his vessel. Have fun with your Cruise on Flathead Lake, Montana.