The most extra ordinary cruise you will ever take is the one down the Nile River in Egypt. Not only do you generally take a plane to get to the dock, where your temperary vessel awaits you, but then you take a smaller man powered boat called a Falucca, to your cruise ship. The flight will allow you to absorb the scriptual Red Sea as you soar in the sky just high enough to have a short flight, but low enough to fully enjoy the sights below. Rarely will you see another person on the ground. Your baggage is handled from the time your board your flight onto the cruise ship,so you can relax and truly have the time of your life. I won't spoil your entire trip down the Nile River by sharing everything you will most assuridly, always remember.

This used to be the only way to visit the temples and tombs along the river, so your trip is like a historic adventure. You get to see the local rural outlying areas as you slowly float down the Nile in King and Queen style. Some of this culture is unchanged from thousands of years ago in this country. From the mudbrick homes, to wooden style farming equipment, you will be greeted by a wave from the locals as you drift on your cruise ship.

Many of the cruise ships book 3, 4 and 7 day cruises down the Nile River so you can include your selected ports of call. Longer 14 day bookings include more land time to museums, pyramids and extensive town visits. You can cruise the country of Egypt going to the southern tip with some flight arrangements to Abu Simbel.

Your floating hotel is complete with meals prepared by fine chefs who check each meal time to see if there is something to make your cruise more appealing. Beverages are quite often extra, but you will probably find your favorite beverage on board. Get ready for some expertly done, delicious, well presented in buffet style cuisine. Everyone aboard either speaks English or understands your needs very well if you request anything.

Since Egypt can be sweltering hot the best time to visit is October to mid April. The locks are closed during the middle of April due to water levels, however boat transfers keep the cruise ships running year round. Going through the locks is a unique experience which you will thoroughly enjoy.

The local boys and their families will throw wares up several boat decks to temp your purchase of their items. You offer a price by calling it down when you secure an item you want. It is either accepted or rejected and the deal is made by a rare mode of exchange. You put your money in the plastic bag that accompanied the item and you throw it into the water. The spry young fellows dive into the Nile and retrieve the cash. If you are thrown an item you do not want, you simply throw it back.

You will be treated royally on the ship, however sometimes people come aboard with a different frame of reference of cruising than what you will encounter here. The rooms are quite tiny, but you don't spend much time in them with all the activities, shows, ship's store, meals and other actions you can partake in aboard the cruise ship. Showers can be shared and not always a private one for each person with sometimes even shared with other state rooms. The Cruise ship company will tell you about your accommodations ahead of time so you will not be shocked. The water aboard is not for drinking so bottled water is supplied. The toilets are a variety of styles with some requiring you do not deposit any paper in the bowl. A plastic bag is handy at the side of the toilet for paper disposal. Room service is available when you request garbage removal or every time the room is left vacant, it seems.

Pricing varies from ship to ship because some include a Falucca ride as well. My experience can tell you the range is between $ 60 to $300 per night. You will have an assortment of room sizes and locations to choose from however, select wisely since your room will be used very little if you allow for everything the Nile River cruise ship has to offer. Your trip will be a forever wonder when ever you think or talk to others about it. It is memorable, delightful and a trip of a lifetime, so take the Nile cruise on ship not just the Falucca.