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If you are looking to go on a fantastic and exciting cruise to the Caribbean, then you will want to know some of the things not to miss during your vacation. There are a lot of things to see in the Caribbean that will be of interest for people of all ages from historic sites like the Mayan city of Tulum to the bird sanctuaries located in Antigua. Or, you can see Harrison’s caves in Barbados with all of its beautiful centuries old stalactites and stalagmite formations to the Mt. Pelee Volcano.

Or, you can luxuriate in all of the chances to surf, swim, snorkel and have fun in the warm Caribbean waters or shop until you drop at some of the local stores and boutiques along the route.

Possible Shore Trips on a Caribbean Cruise

Here are some of the shore trips you may be offered while on a Caribbean cruise:

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Stingray City at Grand Cayman Island

If you love diving, snorkeling or swimming, then this is a great trip for you to sign up for. You will go out on a glass bottom boat, can see the sea creatures and frolic

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Exploring the Baths on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands

If you like hiking and climbing, then come see the Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands while on your cruise. It has fascinating rock formations and huge rocks all around the island.

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Tubing on the Layou River in Dominica

Why not try tubing on the Layou River in Dominica. You will each get to ride in your own tube and you travel down the river occasionally running into the rocks or cliff wall and bump around like bumper cars as you enjoy the sites.

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Swimming with Dolphins

You can also get a chance to swim with dolphins on many of the Caribbean cruises, which is an activity you are likely not to ever forget!

Which is better, East or West Caribbean Cruises?

When you go to book a Caribbean cruise, you will see that you can choose from an Eastern or a Western direction. Most of the cruises are about a week long and where you go depends on the things you are the most interested in, as either direction can provide a great tour and vacation activities.

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Eastern Caribbean Cruise

If you choose an eastern Caribbean cruise it will embark normally from somewhere in Florida and then head off to visit ports of call such as St Thomas, Puerto Rico, St Martin, St John and the Bahamas. There is less sea time on an Eastern cruise and you get to visit more beaches and have more opportunities for shopping trips. These islands are not as far apart as with the ones on the western Caribbean cruises.

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Western Caribbean Cruise
If you choose a western route it may embark from either Florida, Texas or New Orleans in Louisiana. Some of the ports of call include Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman; Jamaica, Key West, FL; Belize; or Costa Rica.

There is more at sea time because these islands are further apart than the ones on the eastern route. However, these are bigger islands, so there is more to do on the on shore excursion trips. No matter which route you pick, you will see sun filled beaches and find interesting and exciting things to occupy your time.