Discover the fun and savings of winter cruising.

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Winter cruises are definitely what’s hot to many people in the United States and Canada even when the weather is not!  Taking a cruise with your family, friends, and your favorite someone is a wonderful way to escape the winter blues and enjoy the warmth of the sun in the tropics.  With all of the sunny shores and beaches in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Europe, and the South Pacific that are beckoning your family from the cold climates you are sure to find the perfect vacation spot to rest and relax while working on that long awaited tan.

Make sure you check out all of the great deals the winter season has to offer so that you can spend more time waking up in a warm tropical paradise for a few days.  The winter cruising season goes from Thanksgiving to Easter, and many know that is when you find cruising prices at their highest but if you are smart you will find some really bargains.  Many people realize that there is a window of opportunity for winter cruisers who are looking for the cheapest prices.  You will find those times between the holidays.  The last two weeks of January are prime dates for getting the best rates.

You will find that having a winter getaway to a Caribbean paradise in the middle of the cold, miserable winter will rejuvenate your spirits.  Waking up to the blazing sun in your balcony cabin window and walking out on the deck to bright sunshine can help you escape those wet and cold winter days.  Many love nothing more than to slip into a bathing suit in the morning, have breakfast, and then sunbathe on the deck for hours while sipping chilled beverages and enjoying the sunshine.  Of course all of the food is great incentive.

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Most cruise ships have now become a floating city that is longer than three football fields in length that are filled with activities and fun to enjoy throughout your vacation.  Rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks, and huge outdoor theaters are just a few things that are found on a cruise ships these days.  They have come a long ways from the days of the Titanic.  You can do as much or as little as you want to do!  Many enjoy interacting with others and getting involved and others just want to relax, soak in the sun, and read a book.

Cruising in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a favorite spot for most winter cruisers.  The nice warm climate and the reasonable rates make the Caribbean the most popular cruise vacation.  Most Caribbean cruises have a variety of lengths going 3 to 14 days!  You can find a cruise to fit any budget and timeframe.  The most popular cruise vacations are four, five, or seven days and stop at some of the most beautiful ports of call like Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Montego Bay and many other islands.  There are three destinations, the Western Caribbean, the Eastern Caribbean and the Southern Caribbean islands.  Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines really have you covered on all of the ports of call.  With ships coming and going every weekend, you can get plenty of the tropical sun.  There are many interesting and exciting shore excursions from cave tubing in Belize and Zip lining in Jamaica.  If you are a history buff you can explore the ancient Mayan ruins in several ports of call.   Enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and see some of the most beautiful reefs on earth.

Experience the European Coasts

If you want to cruise the magnificent Mediterranean, you will have to fly first, unless you take a lengthy Transatlantic cruise.  Many popular cruise departure points for the Mediterranean are Athens in Greece, Barcelona in Spain, Monte Carlo in Monaco, and Civitavecchia, which is near Rome in Italy.  Once you set sail, much of Europe’s southern shores will be within reach, including the Greek Isles, Italy, France, Spain, and even Croatia.  Celebrity Cruises offers a host of itineraries in the region, ranging from seven nights to 13 nights.  A winter departure can put you in the eastern Mediterranean for a week and a half of sun-filled bliss, touching down in Sicily and southern Italy, and the shores of Athens, Crete, and Rhodes in Greece and Ephesus in Turkey.

Pleasures of the Polynesian

Are thoughts of Hawaii and the South Pacific sending warm and exotic pulses through your veins?  If so, then you will want to check out some of the wonderful and exotic cruises offered by Princess Cruises.  On the short side, these Hawaiian and South Pacific cruises are 10, 12, and 14 days. This will leave you plenty of time to forget about the chilly, wet winter months.  

The Polynesian culture is vibrant and the people are welcoming and so hospitable.  The coral reefs of these warm waters are full of beautifully colored fish and provide a wide variety of opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and even fishing.  Kick back and experience the warm islands, which have some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world.  To get to Hawaiian Islands, just jump on a plane and head to Los Angeles and depart on a 14-day round trip cruise of the breathtaking locales.  Some of the key destinations to visit are Diamond Head, Kaneohe Bay, and the coffee plantations of Kona.

International Adventures

Perhaps you will want to challenge your sea legs and take a transatlantic cruise.  If so, Royal Caribbean is the cruise for you.  You can go halfway around the world in only 16 days.  First, you will have to fly to Spain and depart from Barcelona.  You will even get to visit a few Spanish destinations, such as Valencia, before heading off to Lisbon, Portugal, and then the Canary Islands.  From there, you will spend about a week crossing the Atlantic before arriving in Salvador da Bahia and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  It may be pretty hard to head home after such an amazing international adventure.

How do you book your ideal cruise?  For first time cruisers, visit a travel agent.  Cruisers and travelers have nothing to lose by visiting a travel agent because they do not collect a commission from the client.  Agents will take all of the worry and hassle out of the hands of the client and find a cruise that will fit you and your needs and wants.  Most agents are more than happy to give you advice and guidance and will help you make your winter cruise vacation a dream come true.