What are they? What do you do when you have one?

     Having a crush means liking someone in a special way. Like, not as a friend, but more than a friend. It's when your heart flutters when you see a certain someone and your belly does somersaults whenever you're around them. You feel like the emptiness in your heart is gone, but not quite, because, you long them but don't have them (yet). But, it doesn't mean you're in love with that person. Love is a much more difficult thing to understand, and it's stronger. Crushes are just carbon copies of love (most of the time). But still, you never know...

     When you finally realize you have a crush on someone, you just want to blurt out to them how much you like them, yet at the same time you want to keep it a secret because you're afraid of the result. But, you don't have to be. Sometimes a person's crush likes him/her back. Not all the time, but it's a 50% chance that they will. What? That's still gives you a pretty good chance! I mean, it's better than 30/100, right?

      So, how do catch that dream person's eyes? Well, first, we must establish a codename for him/her, so we don't have to call them "mystery person," or "dream person," or "certain someone," all the time. It gets pretty old, after awhile. But you know what doesn't get old?(Or in my opinion, at least.) SC (insert your lucky # here.)! Yes, exactly! doesn't stand for 'Stupid Crush---' it stands for Secret Crush. Unless your crush isn't a secret. Well...we'll work something out for that situation, later. (How 'bout 'Public Crush?' Or 'PC.' No? Yeah, I wouldn't want my crush being mistaken for a computer, either.) It's also allows you talk about him/her with your friends in secret.

     OK, now that we don't have to call your crush anything complicated, anymore, we can get right down to business. First, your crush has to know you're alive and you exist. To make that happen, you've got to say hi. You've got to if you ever want you're SC to someday be your gf/bf. It's not an option. (Well, actually it is, but, it's better you do it!!! Unless you're, like, super-mega-I'm-gonna-die-if-s/he-ever-looks-at-me shy, like I was (and sort of still am...but only a little)! But still...SAY HI!!!)  Start little conversations with him/her. It will help you get to know them better, and it will make it easier to talk to your SC. It will also help you realize that they are a human like you are and not a god or goddess.

     After you've done that, start hanging out with them more; or even ask them for their number! That way you can talk more often!  Then, maybe, when the time is right, you can tell them how you feel about them! If he/she rejects you, don't worry. You're not alone. It just means they're not the right person for you. If this happens, you can call them an IJ (insert the first letter of their name here), or, Idiotic Jerk (insert their name here). But, only if they really deserve that name. Like, they're really, really, snobby or something.

      Remember, crushes don't last forever (unless they're meant to be...or you have to get a life)--they come and go like the common cold. So, just be careful, and make sure you don't lose interest in them right after you get together (if you do), because that would be kind of mean. So, have fun with your crush (don't consider it to be a bad thing!), and have fun learning more and more about them as your relationship grows and blossoms! Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, they could be the one...

Really hoped this helped! Good luck getting that person of your dreams!