If you play your cards right, affiliate commissions can be a license to print money.  The best thing about affiliate marketing in general is that you can get started from scratch and be making money just a few weeks from now.  Anyone new to internet marketing should start with this kind of opportunity, because you don’t have to set up your own website or be a master of SEO to get started.


 That said, if you really do want to make a killing online, there are five key questions you have to answer that will put you in a position to be more profitable.


 Question 1: Who’s Your Customer?


 As much as this may sound oversimplified, you have to be able to match the right products with the right consumer. There are many people interested in making money online for example, but you have to pinpoint what exactly they’re interested in. Some people who want to make money online will do it with network marketing, others do article marketing and others still from selling informational products. There is no sense in offering a informational product on how to use social media to make money to someone who is only really interested in selling click bank products for example.


 Question 2: How Valuable Or Good Is The Actual Affiliate Product You’re Trying To Sell?


 Selling affiliate products online is often seen as the easy way to make money. Because of that school of thought there are a lot of people out there who just try to put a bunch of crappy content together into a quick little book with screenshots and try to sell it for $97. Selling subpar affiliate products will make you want to tear your hair out when you have to give people refunds and all the work you’ve done feels like it’s a waste.  The best thing you can do to avoid this situation is to contact the creator of the product and ask them for an affiliate copy, which most people interested in making real money will give to you for free because they want as many affiliates as possible selling their product.  Doing so gives you the opportunity to review the product yourself and determine whether your target audience will value it, which allows you to make more money and not have to waste your time filling out refund requests or selling something that you have no hope in profiting from.


 Question 3: How Convincing Is The Sales Copywriting?


 One of the great things about asking for a copy of an informational product is that it gives you a good opportunity to also ask about things like conversion rates and traffic, considered two of the most important factors that will make you more money as an affiliate marketer.  Most affiliates would be lucky to convert 2% of the traffic they bring to a product’s website, so it’s important that when you review any sales copy that you read you sit back and ask yourself, “would this convince me to buy this product for myself?”. You’ll want to answer this question honestly and if the answer is no then you should not be promoting that particular product.


 Question Four:  What Other Benefits Does The Affiliate Program Offer To Both The Affiliate And The Purchasing Customer?


 Affiliate programs for large brands like Amazon will offer you up to 15% commission on various products you sell through them. And if informational products are more your thing, such as those sold on click bank, you’re looking at possibly earning up to 75% on the sale. But what really earns you money and gives the customer added value are some of the other benefits that you or the program provide: other free information on related topics, recurring commissions that the affiliate program offers to you, or some kind of other exclusive offer the customer will get for purchasing the product. These kinds of offers demonstrate that you are not afraid to give your customer add value and that you yourself believe in what you’re selling.


 By answering these four questions, you will have a greater understanding of what your customer wants and how appealing to those wants will benefit you. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting something with honesty and integrity while also getting your customer to see the value in the product. Testing what works and what doesn’t is a huge part of any form of internet marketing, hopefully these questions allow you to narrow down what you’re looking for and what you want to analyze so that you can cash in on bigger affiliate commissions.