Timeless and classy, crystal door knobs are a great addition to your home. Elegance comes from details, and the right door knobs can transform a dull door into a piece of spectacular interior design. Crystal door knobs have been around a lot for the last century, but they gradually lost popularity in the ’50 and the ’60, when other, less expensive material became largely available. They don’t only look great, but they are also very durable. Unless something happens and they drop on a very hard floor and break, nothing else can happen to them. While metal door knobs became rusty and stained in time, crystal door knobs maintain the original beauty and the shiny look for decades, with very little maintenance. In time, they can scratch a little, but all you have to do is to polish them with something just a little abrasive, and they will look like new in no time. 

 Crystal Door Knobs, The Elegant Touch Your Home Needs

Crystal door knobs come in a big variety of colors and styles, so they are the right fit for any type of interior design. You can find clear ones or colored models. They can be made of polished crystal or with an elegant satin finish. You can certainly find the right ones to match with the type of interior design you choose. You can even use them as a special theme that appears in every room of your house. Ask the manufacturer for smaller ones too, that you can install on your cabinets.

 Where You Can Find Crystal Door Knobs?

A lot of manufacturers produce crystal door knobs, so finding them won’t be a problem. A simple search on the Internet will get you in touch with a lot of producers, so all you have to do is select the model and the color you prefer. When picking the specific type, a great idea is to buy, from the same manufacturer, other decorative objects and accessories also made of crystal, to match with the knobs. For example, a chandelier in the living room, in the same color as the door knobs, is a great idea. But, if you don’t want sophisticated items like chandeliers in your house, a simple vase will also do the trick.

 If you are passionate about antiques, you can also get some vintage crystal door

Knobs. They will probably cost a little more then the new items, but the quality will also be a lot better.

 How To Maintain Crystal Door Knobs

Crystal door knobs are very easy to maintain. They don’t rust and they don’t become stained in time. All you have to do is to clean them regularly with a soft cloth and the same cleaning product you use for your windows. In time, the crystal door knobs will be affected by fine scratches, which will make them to lose the shiny aspect. This problem is very easy to solve. All you need is a polishing cream that is also a little abrasive. Apply the polishing cream on the door knobs and scrub them firmly for a few minutes. Then, use some water to get rid of all the remaining polishing cream and dry the crystal knobs very well, with a cloth. If your door knobs are very expensive or if they are antiques, you shouldn’t polish them yourself. Just remove them from the doors and take them to a professional to take care of the scratches and to restore them to the original state. If you can’t find someone that works with crystal and glass in your area, you can ask a jeweler to clean and polish your crystal door knobs.

 Crystal Door Knobs, The Perfect Choice For Any Door 

This type of door knobs look like diamonds: they are classy, elegant and timeless. And, just like the way that diamonds manage to transform a simple dress into a very elegant outfit, crystal door knobs are the touch of luxury that your home needs. They are perfect for ant type of door – made of wood, composite material or glass. The timeless beauty of those accessories makes them suitable for any type of interior design – contemporary or traditional.