One great way to improve the look of your kitchen or bath is to install crystal drawer knobs on your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Clear crystal drawer knobs are probably the most popular color to choose from when buying crystal cabinet hardware but other colors like pink or black also have their place and can look really good depending on the material these types of cabinet knobs are attached to. If you are upgrading the knobs and pulls on a china cabinet pink crystal may be a perfect option. On the other hand if you are buying crystal drawer pulls for a set of black wooden cabinets then black crystal may be a better bet.

Pink Crystal Drawer Knobs For CabinetsOne thing to know right off the bat however is that crystal is expensive when compared to other types of decorative hardware. Standard decorative hardware tends to cost only a few dollars a piece. Aged bronze cabinet knobs or discount brass drawer handles are typical choices for decorative and functional hardware however for the look of crystal these items do not come close to producing the look you want.

Good alternative options to crystal drawer handles include less pricy but similar options such as acrylic drawer knobs or glass drawer pulls which both have the look of crystal but not nearly the quality. The quality of crystal hardware is so high because of the way crystal is made.

Clear Crystal Drawer Pulls & KnobsCrystal is basically a form of glass which is reinforced by iron in the production process. Much like a building is reinforced and made stronger when steel beams are used in its construction the iron elements introduced into the glass making process form a significantly stronger glass which can then be shaped or cut into very intricate detail. This is why crystal can be so beautiful and it is why crystal hardware can get so expensive.

If you want to buy crystal for decorative use in your home you can expect to pay upwards of fifty dollars for a crystal door knob and upwards of twenty dollars per drawer pull or cabinet knob. In the case of door knobs you probably won't be buying as many for a home improvement project but buying twenty or more antique drawer handles made of crystal can get really expensive when replacing the hardware on a set of cabinets.

Another thing to think of when you start upgrading your cabinet hardware is that you will likely want to get matching backplates to install at the same time. Discount knob backplates will not have to be as expensive per unit because they will not likely be made of crystal but you will want to spend some time to find the right backplate to go well with the décor and style you are shooting for.

Black Crystal Cabinet KnobsDecorative hardware pieces such as these will be difficult to find in traditional stores like Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace. These stores may not carry much if any variety in the showroom however they may offer options online for order. If you are going to have to order any kind of high end decorative hardware piece then you should take the time to do your shopping online rather than having your local hardware store do the ordering. This will give you the ability to shop around for more variety and selection and will let you shop for the best price.

The same goes for any kind of decorative piece of hardware. Specialty items like antique porcelain door knobs, Victorian style cabinet hardware, even cheap but niche focused star drawer pulls will all be hard to find without doing the bulk of your shopping online. Online hardware stores have the benefit in specializing specifically in decorative hardware and as a result they stock far more items than any traditional store can. And because they operate online these types of online hardware stores operate at lower overhead costs and can discount their items deeper to be more competitively priced.

Another benefit of doing your shopping online is that no matter if you are buying high end crystal drawer knobs or low end oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware like hinges, knobs, or pulls many online stores, especially the big ones, can offer bulk pricing for these types of items which can make big restoration projects a little more affordable and even more competitive than tradition retail outfits.

Despite these saving however crystal is quite expensive and can even still be out of the budget of many home owners. Most crystal needs a decorative environment that suits the material and often decorating and designing a space which caters to the use of glass and crystal can get expensive for many people. One additional way of keeping the costs lower when shopping for crystal drawer knobs is to try and buy used pieces online or through thrift stores or estate sales.

Antique Brass Dresser Drawer PullMany older antique items which can readily be found for sale in used condition can be purchased for lower the retail cost. If you are willing to put in the work to find these items then the savings can be substantial. You can often times find old antique furniture in need of repair which has crystal knobs included in the design. You can swap the crystal hardware piece out for cheaper hardware and either pawn off the old piece of furniture or restore it. In either case you can salvage the vintage crystal for better use and at a lower price.

Even though crystal hardware is expensive it can really make a room, home, or even a simple piece of furniture look much better. Crystal is well regarded as a high end accessory and when it is incorporated into your hardware and functional items around the house it can really make your home look great. If you can afford crystal in your home you should consider it. Crystal drawer knobs may be a bit much for an entire kitchen but even if they are used for specific decorative areas they can really make sense from a decorative and functional standpoint and can be affordable for most people if they are used conservatively around the home.