There are many different types of drawer pulls, knobs, and handles used these days and none more decorative than crystal. Crystal drawer pulls are some of the finest types of drawer pulls that in commonly found due to the quality and fine nature of crystal itself. Crystal is a very strong glass with iron elements making it heavy and durable. It is often cut very precisely and can be colored to make beautiful designs to match any theme in the home. If you have a fine china cabinet or a roll top desk or some other fine piece of furniture then crystal knobs and handles may be a great way of highlighting the beauty of the piece.

Colors Of Crystal Knobs And Handles

Crystal Brass Cabinet PullCrystal is known for being a beautiful clear glass but it doesn't just come in this shade. One of the most popular colors of crystal is pink. You can even find pink hardware such as pink crystal drawer pulls or knobs if your home is more thematic in color. Pink crystal is typically a good color to include in very feminine rooms and depending on that maturity of your daughters it may be a good way to decorate a little girl's room. You can install these as your daughters dresser drawer handles and she'll absolutely love them.

Another sophisticated color you may want to consider for a formal living space might be blue crystal drawer pulls. Blue is a very old and formal color and can look great next to wood grains. This makes it an excellent choice as an embellishment to a wooden desk or chest of drawers. You can almost instantly increase the sophistication in a room by replacing cheaper and more common brushed nickel drawer pulls with blue crystal knobs.

Of course there are many more colors available in addition to standard clear crystal. Swarovski is a good brand which makes quality crystal hardware; you may want to browse through their products and look for specific colors to see if they are available. Unfortunately colored crystal drawer pulls will be a very personalized product and they may be hard to find in traditional stores so you'll just have to trust your instincts on whether a product is right for your home.

Other Types Of Cabinet Hardware

As you probably know crystal is not the only option in dressing up the look of a home. There are crystal door knobs and crystal cabinet handles but often times a handle or door knob is not complete without a complimentary backplate. Cabinet backplates and door knob backplates typically come with new door knobs you buy but not always with cabinet backplates. If you decide to buy a set of crystal cabinet knobs for your hutch or kitchen cabinets or anything else I your home you may want to also buy backplates to install behind the knobs to both protect the surface and to highlight the crystal.

Depending on your style popular backplates for crystal hardware include shiny metals as they help reflect the light and make the crystal look more spectacular. Antique glass pulls and knobs will almost always look better if there is a related backplate behind them to bridge the gap between crystal or glass and the wood of the door. A fine brass or chrome backplate ornately designed can be a good choice however the final choice is usually quite personal and subjective.

Cost Of Crystal Hardware

Black Crystal Cabinet KnobsIf you think that crystal hardware is right for your decorative style then you should know that crystal costs a lot more than other types of hardware. A brushed nickel cabinet pull will often cost only a couple of dollars per unit however a fine crystal drawer pull can cost upwards of $15-$20 dollars per unit if the crystal is of a fine quality. These prices can be pretty steep when many pieces of furniture will require 5-10 different cabinet pulls or handles.

The obvious alternative to crystal cabinet pulls is to opt for glass instead. This is a significant downgrade in quality so the price falls remarkably. Glass cabinet pulls will look similar to crystal but will feel a bit different. Glass is more delicate and not as durable but you can't beat the price for it's look. Depending on they type and size of the drawer pulls you buy you can usually get quality glass pulls for five dollars or less making this a much cheaper alternative to buying crystal.

Most cabinet hardware comes in different types of metals like stainless steel, nickel, copper, pewter, among others and costs for these pieces can almost always be found for less than five dollars a iece with the simplest of pieces selling for as low as a couple dollars. Crystal cabinet handles definitely are expensive compared to pieces like these but they make a noticeable statement in a house and if used in the right pieces of furniture they can be a perfect choice.

Where To Find Crystal Drawer Pulls For Sale

Like many other pieces of decorative hardware it will be hard to find crystal drawer pulls and knobs in your local home improvement store mostly because the type of cabinet hardware is very demand specific. The customer base for this product is usually lacking on a local level which is why your big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot may carry these items but probably not in their store. They will more likely offer to order the pieces for you however you will be stuck with their prices if you do this.

When buying hardware it's best to get them right away and if you can't do this and you have to order them from a warehouse then you might as well shop online for them so that you can do some comparison shopping and buy the most cost effective crystal hardware you can find. As previously stated, crystal is expensive and if you are ordering multiple units to install on a chest of drawers saving a few dollars on each piece can add up.

Good stores to find cheap crystal cabinet handles and drawer pulls include Edgar Berebi, House Of Antique Hardware, and big online retailers like Amazon and eBay who bring customers together with many independent retailers of specialty hardware.