In preparation for the celebration of Christmas, the most common decorations that people prefer are crystal ornaments. It could make your plain house look elegant. It comes in various forms and shapes. You could choose whatever designs you wish to decorate your home.

Depending on your budget, you could either choose to buy an expensive ornament or the cheaper one. You can even create your own ornaments. If you do not want to spend huge amounts of money just for Christmas decorations then find some alternatives. If you have old and unused crystal chandelier then recycle it. Just use your imagination and be creative.

All you need are the following materials to construct your own ornament: silver and gold craft wire, wire cutters, round nose pliers, and ornament hangers. If all materials are ready, then it is time to make your own Christmas adornment.

Clean the old and unused crystal chandelier one by one thoroughly. Use soap and water to wash the dirt away and then towel it dry. This is to ensure that once your ornaments are hanged, they would be sparkling. Make sure that all the crystals are separated from its old framework.

Cut the silver and golf craft wire to your desired length. Be sure that the wire is long enough for the crystal chandelier to hold and to dangle in your Christmas tree or wreaths. Thread one end of the wire to one of the holes in the crystal. Fasten it securely. You do not want your crystals to fall and break.

Once you have finished threading the wire through the holes, use your round nose pliers to curve a loop at the opposite end. The loop should be big enough for the ornament hanger to drape on. After you have done curving a loop, secure the wire correctly to guarantee that the ornament hanger is locked in place. Cut the remaining wires.

Now that you are done creating your cyrstal ornaments, you could decorate your house with your own personalized Christmas adornments. You do not have to spend a lot just so you can decorate your home for the holidays.