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If you or someone in your family is a child or parent of a child who is “different” and potentially socially rebellious, you've probably heard the term “Indigo” or “Crystal” tossed around. During the mass-medication wave of children in the past 20 years (some of which resulted in suicides and other disturbing outcomes), Doreen Virtue's book on Indigo children rose to prominence, bringing the term “Indigo” to the conscious awareness of people who'd not previously heard of it but could definitely identify with the checklist of characteristics for themselves or loved ones.

What Indigo and Crystal Children are doing here, however, goes a little farther down the rabbit hole than most have probably researched. The very purpose of each generation of starseeds is to transform the consciousness of the planet through a system we'll call “vibrational resonance”. If you're familiar with quantum physics, you know that energy changes form at different vibrational levels, but it is the same thing presenting in different forms at any given time.

The collective consciousness has been subjected to a bit of a numbers game on this plane of existence; the more minds you have focused at a certain level of being, the greater the influence of the force (eg. When stress and despair prevail, people identify it as a natural aspect of reality and support its presence consciously and unconsciously). Indigo and Crystal children are here increasing the presence of higher being. They can be considered a kind of spiritual prototype for actual and evolved humanity.

Starseeds haven't felt at home on this planet in its bloody and inhuman state for obvious reasons. They tend to have an innate sense of the agendas of shadow government and similar institutions, and have sturdy connections to their Higher Selves. They've come to raise consciousness.

The off-world sound of the name doesn't imply they all believe they come from another planet, but they are strangers in a strange land with glowing hearts. They're not here to “play” in the sense the word is usually used. They're here to engage in serious work that spawns societal and global transformation. They're awakeners. Identifying them isn't difficult. They're the ones rebelling loudly and silently: crumbling corrupt systems dynamically and passively.

Indigo Characteristics: Who, What, When, and Why?
Differing from Crystal characteristics which are categorically more tolerant, Indigos represent the warrior children who present themselves as natural rebels. They're “job”, as any generation appears to have, has been to break down spiritually incorrect systems and champion the innocent. Your local PETA warriors are likely Indigos in large part, by definition. The suffragettes might also have been Indigo freedom-fighters. Indigos are said to have started trickling in in the 20's (you might call them “scouts”) and began coming in larger groups from the 70's onward (it would stand to reason there was a fairly large group of them that came through in the 50's as well). In the 90's however, crystal children started to incarnate (many believe some autistic children are crystals).

Crystal Characteristics: Stewards Of Unconditional Love
The Crystal children are the loving souls who act through a law-of-one group consciousness. They can sense thoughts and lies, but they are also most forgiving, even being as powerful as they are. These crown-chakra dominant children have extremely high vibrations. They have sensory sensitivities and may react strongly to colors, foods, textures, sound, and the like. They need regular time to spend in nature, and away from groups. They can disconnect completely from people as a protective mechanism. Crystals do not comprehend inhumanity.

Vibrating at the level they do, they may break electronics that are around them (this tends to happen around psychic energy). It's said they can regenerate bone and tissue (and if the HIV-resistant children being born are any indication, they can likely develop immunities to serious diseases).

Is This Some Sort Of X-Men Thing?
Maybe. Depends on what you believe. Some seriously mind-bending claims have been made about the coming era when Neptune is in its home-sign of Pisces for a 14 year stretch. It's been said we can expect to see people levitating and other “strange” phenomena we've been taught to consider impossible.

If you start seeing colors around people, find prophecy coming through to you in dreams, and begin to have communications with loved ones that can only accurately be categorized as telepathy, you might start to see the world in a light that's previously found its primary belief factor in the land of comic books and their blockbuster reenactments (not to mention, blatantly televised mimic-media). Only time will tell, but I'd urge looking to the wisdom of Gandalf for this one: listen for your heart's two cents.