Crystals which help eliminate Electromagnetic Radiation

In my previous article “Electromagnetic Field Radiation – how it weakens our immune system”
I advised on how damaging an electromagnetic field radiation is to our well-being.  This article will list a number of crystals which will be able to help with the elimination of electromagnetic radiation, together will instructions on how to recharge the crystals.

Crystals store negative energy which they absorb so they need  recharging so to say now and then … in essence as per Tai Chi when we expel negative energy we allow space for positive energy to reside in the vessel.

Crystals which help with the elimination of elector magnetic radiation:

Used to block and absorb all types of Electromagnetic Radiation from the objects
which give off these emissions. Protects, you from having the Electromagnetic
Radiation from weakening your immune system by entering your energy field.

Rainbow Fluorite
Used to form a protective grid should you be around computer the entire day.

Blocks and clear EMF which would be emitted by a computer or laptop

Black Tourmaline or Lepidolite
Place the crystal between yourself and the computer screen helps to protect and clear EMF emissions from the screen.

Other crystals which can help clear and eliminate EMF emissions are Turquoise, Herkimer, Diamonds, Jasper, Malachite and Unakite

Natural Smokey Quartz (not irradiated) and Selenite
Smokey Quartz absorbs all electromagnetic emissions when placed between the source and yourself. Selenite clears the Smokey Quartz area and you – simultaneously

Protect from all kinds of electromagnetic emissions

Yellow Kunzite
Deflects your microwave radiation, place near your microwave.

The crystals above are only a few named which help with the neutralization of emf emissions



How to recharge/cleanse a crystal

As mentioned before a crystal is a vessel which holds positive and negative energy …hence if a crystal needs recharging now and then.  So that the negative energy can be expelled and the positive energy can replace the negative energy. The list below is ways one can recharge a crystal, but in the end it’s up to the owner of the crystal to decide which way works best for them.


Sea Salt
Most common and effective way to recharge/cleanse a crystal.
Can be used with or without water. Please that not all crystals are suitable to be recharged /cleansed in water. Good tip to know which are and are not suitable is should the crystal end in “ite” they are not good for cleansing /recharging in water. Also be sure to use glass as a holding vessel for the salt, water and crystal. Place a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of water (use sea salt and mineral/spring water only as they are natural other forms will contain other metals and minerals) and leave the crystal in the sea salt water for 24 hours. If you are using no water than place the crystal in the sea salt also for 24 hours make sure if they crystal has points that it is facing down towards the earth so all the negative energy is dispelled back into “mother earth”.

Moon Light
This method is also very effective. The light from a full moon is very powerful when using it to cleanse/ recharging crystals. On the night of a full moon put the crystals in the light of the full moon and returning them into the house before noon the next day otherwise the noon sun will drain the crystal of its energies. When using this method crystals are cleansed/ recharged every two weeks as per a full/new moon.

Just as the moonlight is very powerful so is the sunlight in regards to cleansing/recharging your crystals, but should they be left out in the sunlight for too long it will cause the crystals to be drained of their energies. Once again not all crystals can be placed in the sunlight as they fade.
Rose Quatrz, Smokey Quartz and other bright coloured crystals tend to fade in too much sunlight. Rule is to not leave the crystals out in the sunlight for more than 8 hours at a time

Mother Earth
Crystals come from the earth so this method is like giving them a break to recharge/cleanse.
Bury your crystals in the earth and leave them there for 24 hours, just don’t forget to mark where you left your crystals otherwise they will be taking a long vacation. Solution for this is to fill a vessel with earth and place the crystals inside it this way no chance of losing the crystal.

Running Water
This method is great if you are in a rush and for crystals which can with stand water.
Place the crystal under running water while thinking that all the negative energies are washed away with the water down the drain.. once you feel that the crystal is cleansed/recharged then all done.

Incense , sage or even sweet grass can be used to smudge crystals. Just pass the crystals through a smudging stick or through the smoke from the incense and the crystal will be cleared of negative energy.

This crystal never needs cleansing/recharging as it is a cleansing/recharging crystal.
Hence it can be use to cleanse/recharge other crystals simply place your crystals in a vessel full of tumbled citrine stones for 24 hours and Citrine will do the rest.

Candle Flame
A candle flame can also be cleansed/recharged by tossing them through a candle flame.
So as not to break or damage your crystals let them fall onto a pillow. This method releases negative energy quickly from your crystals.


These are but a few ways of cleaning/recharging your crystals, and clearing them of negative energies so that they can be used to their full potential

Citrine Crystal
Rainbow Flourite