Choosing a Cuba holiday affords the traveler warm temperate weather and cool trade wind breezes twelve months a year making any month you desire the best time to travel. Though there may be light rainfall from May to October, you may expect a pleasing tropical climate ranging from 21 to 27 Celsius year round (70 to 80 degrees F).

Visitors who wish to explore the historical and colonial Cuba will need extra time allotted for the inland cities and provinces, such as the culturally rich town of Camaguey dated back to the 1500's. However, for a fun filled Caribbean holiday, you'll want to head straight for the pristine beaches on the Cuban north shores. There you will find white powdered sand set against a turquoise sea and some of the best all-inclusive resort deals in the region. In fact, you will find that Cuba holidays give you the most holiday bang for your buck than virtually anywhere else in the Caribbean. You just have to know where to go, and which hotels and resorts will not disappoint.
Cuba Holidays

The resort town of Varadero is located on the mid-western north shore on the Hicacos Peninsula, approximately 140 km east of Havana. On the tip of the peninsula, lies the Point Natural Park, teeming with exotic species of birds, reptiles, flora and fauna. Along its beautiful coastline, Varadero is home to four and five star resorts, receiving over 500,000 tourists each year. This town is the number one choice for tourists seeking a Cuban holiday which includes deep sea fishing, diving, yachting and numerous other aquatic activities.

Varadero is famous for its all-inclusive holiday packages with a selection of lodging prices ranging from budget to luxury categories. Some of the best Varadero beach accommodations include Hotel Hotetur Sunbeach, Hotel Hotetur Palma Real, Hotel Internacional, Hotel Oasis Turquesa, Hotel Club Kawama, Hotel Palma Real Varadero, and Hotel Paradisisus Princesa del Mar. It is sometimes difficult to see which of the Varadero hotels include which activities and which are available, but require an additional charge. A local travel professional like Thomson Holidays can give you an in-depth look into activities versus pricing for each accommodation.

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is a resort community on the Jardines del Rey island chain, easily accessible by the mainland via a man-made causeway. Cayo Coco means "coconut bird", a type of white ibis indigenous to the area in the natural swamplands. Avant bird watchers will also enjoy the wild flamingo colonies and other migratory birds in the region's shallow waters and protected ecological inlets. Over 200 species live on the inlets to include reptiles, iguanas and botanical wonders. Traveling to Cayo Coco's northwestern tip, visitors may explore the El Baga Natural Park, a protected preservation grounds for wildlife and tropical forest. Park rangers lead a guided tour by car, foot or horseback with lectures on the various species to include crocodiles, turtles and fish. If you do decide on Cayo Coco for your Cuban holiday, do not miss one of these tours. You don't often get a chance to get nose-to-nose with a crocodile in the wild!

Dining in Cayo Coco can be quite an experience if you're daring enough to try the crocodile meat specialties. Top restaurants to sample this local fare include El Colibri, La Boca, and Los Cocos. For more traditional meals to include continental cuisine, try Cayo Levisa, Cayo Libertad, Ranchon Los Cocos and Cocogrill. And for the seafood lover, some of the tastiest dishes are found at El Cayo and Acuario Cayo Naranjo.
Choose Cayo Coco for the gorgeous beach, but also for Cuban holidays with a little bit of "wild" included.

Cayo Santa Maria

Cayo Santa Maria lies on the northern part of Jardines del Ray and is home to some of the nation's most beautiful Catholic cathedrals and churches. Built by the early settling Spaniards, many of these monuments are open to the public and make an excellent architectural tour. In the nearby village of Villa Clara, you'll find museums, theaters, art galleries and cultural centers for souvenirs.

For some medicinal mineral therapy, try Las Brujas Beach for its 2 kilometers of white powder coastline connected by a myriad of natural thermal spas. These bubbling warm waters are teeming with bromide, sulphate and sodium for a rich, luxuriant bath with inviting temperatures at 45 Celsius year round. There are many travelers that come for this reason alone. In addition, the region has numerous horse trails to explore the serene beauty filled with coconut palms, fruit trees and wildlife.

Cayo Guillermo

This popular tourist destination lies on the north tip of the Jardines del Rey and is host to the legendary beach Playa Pilar, so called after the yacht owned by Ernest Hemingway. The region is smaller than it's north island counterparts, with only a few all-inclusive resorts strung along its tranquil shores. However, for a Cuban holiday guaranteeing peace and privacy, Cayo Guillermo is the ticket. The region is so exclusive that Cuban citizens are not allowed to travel on the island unless they are working.

Cayo Guillermo has a multitude of qualified dive centers to include SCUBA Cuba Melia Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Blanco and Marina Cayo Coco-Guillermo. And for the cigar afficianto, try the one of the cities premier outlets for fine Cuban cigars at La Casa del Habano Melia Guillermo, La Casa del Tobaco Tryp Cayo Coco or the cigar, rum and coffee house at La Casa del Habano Cayo Coco for light snacks and tasty treats.


Though Cuba holidays are most favored for the island's paradisiacal shores, not to be overlooked is the inland city of Camaguey with its rich historical culture and architecture dating back the sixteenth century. This legendary city is uniquely crafted into a flurry of mazes, columns and tunnels to built to confound enemy invaders, making it difficult for them to navigate in.

Some of the architectural monuments not to be missed include the Nuestra Senora de la Soleda church, San Fransico church and nearby Candido Gonzalez Stadium, and the Ignacio Argamonte Square for its contemporary contributions with sculpture and cosmopolitan setting.

Whatever beach resort you choose for your next Cuban holiday, be sure to check with your travel agent for age restrictions applied towards children. Though most of the all-inclusive resorts cater to family entertainment, some do not accept children under the age of three.