If you are looking for a wonderful way to put some more storage space in your home, cube shelves are the way to go. There are many different kinds of cube shelves. For instance, there are ones that are free standing and others that you simply hang from a wall. If you are a renter who has had to move frequently or a student in a dorm whose residence is temporary you will find that the free standing cube unit will serve a variety of purposes in each individual place you live in, it doesn't need to be attached to the wall and you can take it with you when you leave.

Cube shelves can be used as a storage unit for toys that your children use on a daily basis. The shelves are deep, so you can store a lot of things and the lower shelves are easy for the kids to retrieve their toys from and to put them back when they are finished. To make it even easier you can place large baskets on the bottom shelves for large items like toy trucks or stuffed animals and your children can just throw the toys in their when they clean up at the end of the day. This system will make both their life and your life much easier. If you don't have any kids or if they've grown too old for toys, consider using the unit of cube shelves for other things like a pantry. Since many times cereal boxes are too tall for the kitchen cabinets, you can put the units to great use just by storing cereal and other food products in them. Use them for storing media such as cds and stereo equipment. Consider placing them on the wall right above a desk so that they can be used for office equipment and other supplies such as a printer or scanner.

Lastly, if by chance you don't have the room to put in a shelf unit as a pantry, consider a place you may not have thought of --- the front door! You'll find that you can store all kinds of things like keys, mail, umbrellas, boots, or hats that you take off when you get home. If you take trips often, you can use the shelves for storing empty bags or holding suntan lotion. Freestanding cube shelves are contempory bookshelves that can also hold books and other decorative items.

What else can you do with a cube shelf unit? Well there's just no telling what ideas may come to you, but there's no doubt that you will find some use for them. All you have to do is let the wheels of your mind turn.