Having a cubicle coat hook for the partition walls at your work can be a very handy thing to have. If you've ever been in the office grind sitting in a large room full of cubicles then you know that standing coat racks can fill up quickly when a lot of people share office space and long jackets especially do not far well when draped over the back of a desk chair. Most cubicle walls however are tall enough to drape a long coat from without it touching the ground so this makes a great spot to have a personal coat rack, especially because it is right next to your seat. If you can couple this with having a nice car coat hanger in your car then you should be easily able to keep your coat or jacket in great condition all day long whether you are wearing it or not.

Most coat hooks for partitions come in one of a few styles. It is up to you to decide which style is best for you however because neither style is obviously the best – they are all very subjective. Within each different style of cubicle coat hook there are some deviations in quality as there are in any products and these should be considered when you are spending your money but the over all style of the coat hook shouldn't be decided based on anything other than your personal tastes.

One of the more common partition or cubicle coat hook styles is an over the top of the cube plastic or metal piece which wraps around the cubicle wall holding on to it via leverage. On the coat hook side of the unit a knob or hook sticks out for a simple clothing hanger to hang from. This is a good way to hang your coat from the back of your cubicle mostly because it relies ultimately on a plastic or wooden coat hanger. Of course you can simply use a chap white plastic hanger but the weight of jackets which are typically hung on cubicle walls may be a bit heavy for a hanger not designed for coats in particular.

A second common type of cubicle coat hook is the type of coat hook which attaches over the upper corner of the cubicle opening. It provides a simple peg which sticks out slightly from the corner of the partition wall which is able to easily hold a few small garments or a large and heavy coat. Much like the over the top of the cubicle wall coat hook this type of coat hook also relies on leverage to stay put. As the coat weighs the coat hook down the hook secures itself against the side of the partition wall even more.

Despite the fact that this type of coat hook makes it easier to see your coat over your shoulder is it doesn't require you to hang your jacket on the outside of the cubicle it does present a challenge for maneuverability in that the hook sticks into the entrance of the cubicle causing there to be less space to walk through. If nothing is on the hook and you bump I too hard you might easily knock this type of coat hook off your cubicle.

Both options however are relatively inexpensive and each can be found in designs which are a little more carefully crafted and secure. Most over the cubicle coat hooks tend to be made of plastic although they don't have to be and this helps keep costs on buying these items low. As a result they are fairly common items in cubicle settings and are sold at many office supply stores. The costs of buying a cheap cubicle coat hook are quite affordable and should only run you ten dollars for a basic item and possibly up to thirty dollars for a more expensive, larger, and fancier version that does mostly the same thing.

If however you are buying a larger quantity of office space coat hooks you may want to turn your attention to the many online office supply superstores which focus on miscellaneous office products. Because the online retailers operate without a physical storefront they can often carry more items for variety sake and sell those items at a lower cost. This won't always be true but more often than not you can at least find volume discounts on normal items which are not usually found in traditional stores. You can also double up your purchase and include a wall mounted or standing metal coat rack for your entry way for guests or customers frequenting your business which are almost always easier to find at low prices online.

There are a number of high quality online stores which specialize in decorative and functional home furnishing and office furniture that have plenty of options for you to buy an antique coat rack stand but when it comes to simpler items like over the cubicle coat hooks you need to stick to the office accessory stores which are going to be better at offering non furniture items and hooks that are easily usable with a cubicle wall rather than a hard surface wall in a house.

Some quality online retailers for cubicle coat hooks include companies like MFC Workstations, Knobs And Hardware, and Sun House Coat Hooks as well as the countless other office supply stores in your neighborhood and online. You would be amazed at how many there are out there and pleasantly surprised to see that many of them are significant competitors for the lowest prices around. Of course you will want to at least comparison shop with larger online retailers who can bring customers and seller together who wouldn't find each other otherwise. Amazon is a good demonstration of how this happens as they partner with many small suppliers all the time. They can at least guide you to the best price possible or show you if you are getting a good deal at another website if you don't buy from them in the first place.