CRP-FA0610F Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

The Cuckoo brand rice cookers are one of the very best rice cooker brands out there.  Cuckoo and Zojirushi rice cookers are generally considered to be the Ferraris of the rice cooker world. The CRP-FA0610F Cuckoo rice cooker model is no exception, having earned a perfect 5 star customer satisfaction rating.

CRP-FA0610F Cuckoo Rice Cooker

This Cuckoo model is available in a very attractive ivory and gold blended hue.  The cooker features a non-stick cooking container and advanced fuzzy logic technology.  The construction of this Korean cooker is both strong and durable making for the ideal long term investment in a rice cooker that churn out batches of perfectly fluffy rice for years to come.

The Cuckoo rice cooker CRP-FA0610F is a 6 cup rice cooker with a super speedy cooking time of Cuckoo Rice Cookerapproximately 19 minutes. In a short span of time you will have perfectly cooked rice to bring to your dining table. The rice cooker has a keep warm function that allows the food to remain at just the right temperature until you are ready to eat.

Main Features

Apart from well cooked, great tasting rice dishes, the Cuckoo rice cooker has a whole lot of interesting features to be noted. Let’s begin with the 14 safety features incorporated into the appliance to minimize kitchen accidents and injuries.

The cooker’s six cup cooking capacity gives you plenty of room in the inner cooking container to try out various rice cooker recipes. The appliance has a delay-start button that allows you the luxury of cooking your food at a time best suited to you. You can set everything up and make use of the delay-start option to get your food cooked at a pre-determined time. Great for working people who can look forward to coming home to a hot meal.

The Cuckoo rice cooker is well deserving of its perfect 5 star customer satisfaction rating with its fast cooking options. In just 19 minutes you can have your food ready! You can also cook fish, meat, chicken, brown rice, steam vegetables and do much more - your culinary creativity is the only limit.

There’s a timer function that tracks the cooking time leaving you free to get on with other activities. The keep-warm function will keep the food warm and ready for eating whenever you are ready to dine.

The non-stick coated cooking container makes clean-up a snap. The advanced fuzzy logic technology enables precise cooking every time you use the appliance.

Other Features
Considered one of Korea’s best rice cooker brands, the Cuckoo rice cooker comes equipped with a high technology heating system, the IH heating system. This heating system is different from the regular heating plate design. It works to heat the entire cooker with high power heating to give you perfectly cooked, delicately flavored rice. The cooker also features the TPC system.  In what may be considered either a turn off or an interesting quirky touch - the rice cooker talks to you in Korean, alerting you when the rice is finished cooking.

The Cuckoo CRP-FA0610F rice cooker is accompanied by a measure cup, plastic steamer, spatula, recipe book and instruction manual with the instructions in Korean. But don’t let that scare you – as one reviewer wrote, she did not even need any instructions to use this wonderful appliance.

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Price
As you might expect, quality doesn't come cheap.  This Cuckoo brand rice cooker is priced at just over $250 on Amazon.  This is inline with comparable models from Zojirushi with the same quality construction and features.  You can definitely purchase a cheaper rice cooker but you'll be hard pressed to find one with better quality and performance.  You can take a look at the all the Cuckoo rice cooker models on Amazon here, see all the technical specifications and read actual customer reviews.  They generally have the best prices on Cuckoo rice cookers that you can find and also have free shipping options.


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Cuckoo Rice Cooker l CRP-J0610F (Pink/Lilac)
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