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Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster Review

The Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster review includes the appearance, features, cost, cleaning, users and where to buy.

Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster

Appearance of the Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster:

The Cuisanart CPT-180 toaster is a brushed stainless steel toaster at first appearance with a retro look and blends well in a modern style kitchen. The brushed stainless finish makes it easy to clean and rarely shows the constant fingerprints that a shiny stainless steel finish toaster can. It has many features for ease of use.

Features of the Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster:

The Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster has several features that you may be looking for beyond making toast.

1. Wide four-slice toaster that easily accommodates most thick breads, English muffins, artisan breads, waffles or bagels. You could easily get your morning breakfast ready quickly to please everyone. A wide slice has less chance of destroying more fragile English muffins or thin slices of toast. An additional feature on the push down handles can also be lifted up for easier removal of fragile or small slices.

2. The Cuisanart CPT-180 offers four special feature buttons:

>Reheat – great if your toast of muffin has become cold if you didn't eat it right away.

>Defrost – perfect to go directly from the freezer to the toaster if you didn't have the time or thought of defrosting your breads, muffins or waffles.

>Bagel – a separate button specifically created to get the perfect amount of toasting so that bagels remain crunchy on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside.

>Cancel – a very nice addition to a toaster just in case you get called away from making your toast such as a phone call or other reason that takes you away from the toaster.

3. Temperatures Feature – The Cuisanart CPT-180 toaster provides six temperature features that range from very low at one to the highest browning of six. No matter how light or dark you prefer your muffins, breads or waffles you can achieve the perfect browning with all these temperatures.

4. Bread Crumb Tray – the bread crumb try is located on the bottom of the toaster and is easily removed for frequent cleaning to keep your machine working at an optimal level and to keep it looking good.

5. The toaster has shiny polished chrome accents around the temperature knobs enhances the look.

6. There are small rubberized feet on the base of the cuisanart toaster that prevent it from scratching the surface it rests on.

Cost of the Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster

The Cuisanart CPT-180 toaster is a medium priced toaster. It's not in the highest range of toasters and with all the features it doesn't belong in the least expensive group of toasters either. This toaster has a price point around $65.00 USD.

Here's the best price on the cuisanart toaster.  Find it in brushed, black or red metallic.

Cleaning the Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster

This toaster can easily be cleaned daily to maintain the brushed stainless steel finish using a mild soap and water, clean water rinse and polishing with a soft cotton cloth. This will allow you to store your toaster on the top of your kitchen counter without it looking like an eyesore in your kitchen. *Avoid harsh abrasive cleaners that could damage the exterior brushed finish.

Who Can Use the Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster

The cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster makes a great gift for a wedding or bridal shower, for a new homeowner as a housewarming gift, a Christmas gift, a Chanuka gift, a first apartment gift, heading off to college, for the single person or a couple.

Where to buy the Cuisanart CPT-180 Toaster

Most department stores will carry this toaster as well as some local hardware stores that carry small appliances, an appliance store and online at places like amazon or your favorite department store.

Good luck choosing your toaster and I think you'll find this one has many advantages and features at a reasonable price point that looks nice in your kitchen and will last a long time.