Hello and welcome to this comparison of 2 fantastic coffee makers. What we get with these 2 machines is something pretty special, but which is better suited to your personal needs is what we would like to find out today. I would like to try and cover some positives and negatives from both machines.

Starting with the Cuisinart DTC-975, this machine really does have an excellent feature set, and even with a few negative reviews that have surfaced on the web, is really worth some attention from buyers.

The water reservoir capacity is above average and at 12 cups should cover most people's needs from a home use coffee maker. There has been a reported "loud" beep when the brew cycle finishes, this is inevitable unfortunately. We have two choices when it comes to how loud the beep is. The first is that it is loud enough to hear in a different room in the house, but there might be the small risk that while stood directly next to the machine it is a little loud. The other option is that we have the beep quiet and risk not hearing it when we are in a different room.

The thermal carafe on this coffee maker has reports of a slow pour rate, and while I concur that this is true, it is just something we have to accept of a carafe that keeps the coffee tasting fresh and hot for hours. And for hours it does, the Cuisinart DTC-975's carafe can keep coffee hot and fresh tasting for up to 10 hours.

The Keurig while a slightly different kind of machine competes with the Cuisinart in pretty much all areas. The fact that it is a single serve machine removes any issue of thermal carafe or ugly heated plate for keeping coffee warm. Also the sheer speed with which this machine brews coffee means it can put out the same over the course of 5 minutes as a 10-cup coffee maker, perhaps not the speed of the Bunn NHBX-B, but most coffee makers. You do have to keep changing the pods, but I don't think there will be many situations where you have to brew 10 cups of coffee at once, if you do however I might recommend that the Cuisinart is the choice for you.

Thanks for reading this Cuisinart DTC-975 vs Keruig B40 comparison, I hope it has brought you some useful information about these two machines.