A Product Review of the Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal 10-cup Automatic CoffeeMaker

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I have been using the Cuisinart Grind and Brew 10-Cup Automatic Coffee Maker for five months at that time of writing this article. I bought it because I love good coffee and I wanted a programmable coffee maker that I could set the night before and have fresh, excellent coffee waiting for me when I woke up. Overall, I think this product is excellent, I would buy it again.

What I love about it:

The grinder - Grinding from whole roasted beans makes the best and freshest coffee. This machine will grind whole beans or you can also use pre-ground coffee.

The grounds basket - This little metal screen coffee ground basket allows you to brew coffee without using coffee filters, which saves you money and reduces the amount of waste the your create.Roasted Coffee Beans

The thermal coffee pot - I opted for the doubled-walled thermal coffee pot. I have had a hot cup of coffee 4 hours after brewing. This was important for me because I like to drink several cups of coffee over a couple hours in the morning. Using my old coffee maker with a non-thermal pot, my choices were to leave the pot on which burns the coffee or turn it off when finished brewing and have to warm up my coffee in the microwave over and over.

The programmable automatic timer - I am trying to get into a routine of waking up early (instead of hitting snooze 5 times!). This programmable, automatic coffee maker helps me do that because I can add the beans and water the night before. Then, set the automatic timer for 5 minutes before my alarm, and wake up to the smell of fresh brew.

What I don’t like about it:

Rinsing all the parts - The one down side to this coffee maker is there are a lot of parts to rinse. However this is the case with any machine that grinds and brews.

Cost: I opted for a refurbished model and paid around $80. This is on the top end for a coffee maker but it is a good deal for one that has all the features that this one has. I have had no problems with it being a refurbished machine. It works as it should.

The Cuisinart Grind and Brew 10 Cup Automatic Coffeemaker is a great product. If you are attracted to the features that this programmable coffee maker provides, then this is a great choice and I would recommend it to anyone. However, if you are just looking for a basic coffee maker then the increased functions, parts to clean, and price may make this coffee maker not the best option for you.

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